Monday, February 24, 2014


Luke is at preschool and Livi has been napping and my house is so. quiet.




It is blissful...I can’t lie.  I just made a delicious salad and quietly sat and read my favorite blogs while I ate lunch.  I can actually *hear* the refrigerator humming right now…imagine that?!  

My days {and nights!} are so long and very loud and chaotic with a toddler into everything and walking all around the house and a very precious active little boy who has more energy than…I don’t know what.

So for right now…I SO enjoy the peace when it comes unexpectedly.

But I think the true reason I enjoy the peace so much is because it’s such a contrast to the loudness and the noisiness of my kiddos when they’re awake and around me.

So much of life can be appreciated because it is The Opposite, you know? You appreciate your health so much more after you’ve just gotten over a cold….you appreciate dinner so much more when someone else has made it for you…you appreciate an anonymous gift of $10 so much more when you’re on a month of not spending {yes, that just happened to us.}

And it just occurred to me that someday all the noise will be gone and my precious kids will be grown up and won’t need me in the every moment like they do right now.

So thank you, Jesus, for the chance to raise these precious kids.

And thank you for the blessed noise and the blessed gift of quiet when it comes. 

They’re both gifts in different forms, after all. 


  1. Yes! If we didn't have those opposites, we couldn't appreciate what we have. For certain! I'd like to add that I enjoy the summer more after a snowy and cold winter!


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