Wednesday, February 5, 2014

My “Done” List {aka: How I Keep My Sanity With Kiddos!}

One thing you should know about me: I am EXTREMELY right-brained.  I literally have to TALK myself through seeing a lot of my tasks through to completion {and putting it all away if there are materials involved!!!} because in my head I’ve already moved on to the next project.  I could happily decorate my house and do craft projects all the live-long day.  I am not OCD in the slightest about my house being picked up {except in my cupboards and drawers…I love organization there}.  It’s not that I *dislike* being organized…it’s just not my spiritual gift.  Haha!


Anyway, while I’m not OCD about it, I still really do like the calm feeling of a picked-up, put-together house.  That’s always my goal.  But with two kiddos running around all day tearing it apart, I often end most days feeling super defeated about my housekeeping.  Livi is in that peak messy toddler stage, so feedings are a total mess of dropped food everywhere and when she’s not eating, she’s ripping Kleenex out of a box and shredding them piece by piece or pulling all the books off the bookshelves or dumping over her entire diaper bag contents…etc.  ;)

There are days when I get to 8 pm and I’m completely exhausted but to look at my house you’d think I did nothing all day long…when that couldn’t be further from the truth.  Every so often I get super depressed about it and maybe cry a lot a little. 

Funny Cry for Help Ecard: Cleaning your house while your children are home is a lot like brushing your teeth with Oreos in your mouth.

And that, my friends, is when I wake up the next morning and start my “Done List.”

Most people work through their days with a “To-Do” list.  I make these often, and they keep me focused, and I am also completely not ashamed to admit that I will write things I’ve already done and then cross them off just to feel accomplished. 

The “Done List,” however, works in reverse.  When I make this list, I don’t start out with goals…I just write down everything I’ve done for the day…as I do it. 

When I do this, I see tangible evidence that I AM working hard, and I AM accomplishing tasks…even though it doesn’t seem like it.  Often I will give myself a little challenge, like “10 tasks before lunch.” 

I write down EVERYTHING.  This list isn’t anything to brag about, because other than right here and now, I’ve never showed my lists to anyone.  It’s merely for my mental state…to see that I DO work hard during the day, and that I am accomplishing things. 

Because things like laundry?  That move from baskets right to dresser drawers?  Or emptying out the dishwasher?  Those are vital, necessary tasks, but your house will still look *just* as messy when they are finished.  Doing them often feels pointless…like there’s nothing to show. 

So my “Done List” reminds me that I am doing worthwhile, productive things with my day. 

Here’s my list from yesterday….yes, it might seem a little silly to write things like “Showered” or even “Moved wash to dryer…” 


The Done List 005


But seriously?  Showering is not a right anymore…it’s a privilege! Lol! And laundry is like a 14-level chore when you have kids that have a crisis like every other second.  Every step deserves a medal. ;) This list is what I was able to accomplish yesterday before I put Luke on the bus at around 12:15.  After that I went to Target with Liv and then came home and got caught up with the dinnertime crazies. :)

Anyway, I hope this crazy little thing I do encourages someone else out there…just try it when you’re having a crazy week and see if it doesn’t perk you right up! :)


Be back on Friday with my No-Spend Month Week 1 Update! :)


  1. That is a great idea! I remember Kathy blogged a peek in her life one time and I always like the idea of documenting what I did to show that I DO do stuff. I like the idea of giving yourself goals... like 10 things before computer time or something. Humm.... I might copy you! Those ecards are so funny!

  2. SUCH a great idea, Jessica! And that's not even including diaper changes, getting everyone dressed, getting the mail :), you know, so many more things that are absolutely necessary to the success of a day that we often don't even think about. In a world of such extreme comparison, things like this do much good for the soul! xo

  3. JUST got a chance to finally catch up on your blog. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea! Will definitely be making a list of things accomplished starting today!

  4. I started doing this when I had babies. My husband would get home at night and ask what I had done all day. It made me feel a lot better when I could point to the list which included. Brushing hair, dressing kids, breastfeeding and nappy changing. Must start again.

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