Monday, September 9, 2013

Little Bits of Happy

We spent the majority of our weekend in New York City {Manhattan and Staten Island}, seeing a friend from college get married.  We got to spend time with two other college friends and had a wonderful time.  I treasure these few and far-between times with college friends, because life after school has thrown us all around the country.  And honestly, we’re running out of friends getting married and giving us an excuse to see each other!

Today is one of those days I’m just so happy to be home, in my space, loving on my kiddos and enjoying puttering around and being here.  I love when times away (even super quick trips like this one!) reinvigorate my love for the life I have and the three precious people in my family.  It is no secret I absolutely 100% love the life and vitality of big cities – I had an amazing time and loved every second of it, to be sure. 

But home is good too.  My life is SO far from perfect or problem-free, but I still wouldn’t trade my life with a single other person I know. 

So today, I am grateful for…


…great memories with my husband and two dear old friends.  Makes me happy that we can still connect and have a great time even when the time between visits has been long {annnnd a dress that only cost me $2 at Goodwill – still super excited about that deal!}…

IMG_20130906_214920    IMG_20130907_091421 - Copy


…my beloved Pike Place roast this morning {thrifted mug, still love it} and homemade cinnamon swirl bread, thanks to my friend Amber sharing her recipe.  {Is there anything happier than homemade toasted bread covered in salty butter?!}…


livi and life 004 


…a fall-weather-is-creeping-in chill in the air…

livi and life 015



…coupled with the beautiful view from my back door of our freshly-mowed yard looking out onto the farm this morning… 


livi and life 013

…a happy, chunky, healthy little girl playing with her toys (someone gave us these jammies for her, and every time she wears them we laugh that she’s in baby prison)…


livi and life 011



…a silly, sweet little boy in mis-matched jammies because Mommy is behind on laundry from the weekend, wearing a hat sideways as the sunshine floods our living room…

livi and life 010


…new earrings and a *delish* new candle {Hot Cider by Yankee Candle} from Kohl’s that cost me all of $.63 since I had a $5 coupon for giving them my e-mail address {thought I had done that before but I guess not?  You should totally do it if you haven’t yet!}…

livi and life 020


…glimpses that a precious little girl actually lives in our house this fall…

livi and life 017


…fall decorations, that I wait all year for, finally out of the attic and around my house…

livi and life 023


…the spicy, warm smell of chocolate-chip zucchini bread fresh from the oven…

livi and life 028


…one-on-one time with my baby girl (with serious bed-head – love it!) while big brother is at school…

livi and life 026


I am grateful for these simple gifts today!


  1. I love hearing about others' whose hearts are full! Great to read about these little updates! Have a blessed day!

  2. i'm loving all the acorns in your fall vignette! I haven't gotten my stuff out yet-it's going to be 92 tomorrow, which is ridiculous and wholly un-fall like.

    1. thanks! i got them from michael's a few years ago and i still love them. we can't figure out what they are, actually - they're labeled as "pods" on the container and look and feel extremely real.

      92 degrees?! that is ridiculous. maybe get a pumpkin spice latte in rebellion? lol

  3. I love the little things...ALL of they are TRULY the BIG things!!!!

    I am looking for a dress for Emma today at Good Will...ya know how it is though...maybe...maybe NOT!

    Love the fall printable in the frame! LOVE!

  4. Yes, the little things are the best :)

  5. i clicked over from a friend's site and your very first sentence caught my interest - i'm headed to nyc/manhattan for the first time next weekend!! any recommendations? i'm super excited~

    i hear ya on just being happy to be home in your own space! i'm feeling the need for that since this week has been extra crazy for us just running!!

    can't believe it's already time for fall decor to come out.. i'm squeezing every last bit of summer that i can. :))

    1. HOW exciting! I've been more times than I can count and I should already warn you: plan a second trip...and a third, and a fourth. lol There's just so much to do!

      Some of my favorites (basic things to cross of your NYC list):

      - shopping on Canal Street (lots of street vendors and boutiques)
      - Italian pastries in Little Italy (they're all awesome)
      - Chelsea Market (just went there for my first time this trip - awesome indoor space of cute shops, bakeries, and restaurants)
      - Times Square (just to see it!)
      - Carmine's restaurant (near Broadway; delish Italian food family-style)
      - Ellis Island/Statue of Liberty (for the history!)

      Really the list is endless! Have a BLAST! :)

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