Sunday, September 29, 2013

Coral and Blue Gender-Neutral Baby Shower

This weekend I had the pleasure of co-hosting {with my mom} a shower for my sister-in-law, Hannah.  She and my brother are due to have their first baby in just a few short weeks…and they’re not sharing the names or finding out the gender before the birth. 

To which I’ve told them about a million times: YOU’RE KILLING ME SMALLS.


I am suuuuuper impatient, plus I just like to plan ahead.  I knew about my kids’ genders at 20 weeks and as soon as the gender was revealed, we revealed our final name selection to our families and friends.  It would have seriously, SERIOUSLY killed me not to know!  But…clearly there is not one right way to do it, and I have to admit, it is a little fun not knowing what the call from the hospital will be in a few weeks!

So anyway, I set out to plan a gender-neutral shower.  I was in charge of decor, and my mom took over the food since it was at her house.  There’s not really a ton of stuff out there {on the internet} for planning gender-neutral showers, since the majority of people find out the sex and also share the names.  Since green and yellow as a combo isn’t really a favorite of mine, and since Hannah’s favorite color is red, I decided to go with a more modern, fun twist on gender-neutral and do reds (coral/orange-red) with blues. 


I made a whole bunch of these pinwheels, using scrapbook paper {mostly from Hobby Lobby.}  I had made them 3 years ago for Luke’s party, so I made a whole bunch again, this time in different colors.  They’re super easy to do!


hannah's shower 012


I scrounged around both my house and my mom’s for any antique books with red or blue bindings, and threw a bunch of baby blocks around the base instead of table confetti. 



hannah's shower 010     hannah's shower 001


I also happen to think that tissue-paper pom-poms are still pretty fabulous {thank you Martha}, so I made a bunch of them in different colors and hung them from my mom’s chandeliers (she has one in every room, which worked out really well for me!  lol). 


hannah's shower 009


Pennant banners are also such an easy – and cheap! - way to dress up a space! 


hannah's shower 007


I used blue mason jars of different sizes, along with small glass jars I’ve had for ages that I picked up at various yard sales.  The random cow was just something my mom had in the house and it looked babyish.  lol

hannah's shower 003     hannah's shower 006

Tip: filling the jars with sugar helps the pinwheels stay in place so you can arrange them the way you want!


I also picked up some felt at Hobby Lobby in the shower colors and cut out different-sized circles to decorate the food table.  This picture is before all the food was out but we had 4 quiches, hash-brown casseroles, apple cider donuts, Panera bagels, and a big fruit salad, along with juices, teas, and coffee.  For dessert we had homemade cupcakes.  My mom did a great job with the food – it was delish! 

hannah's shower 014



I was also SO thrilled that Wal-Mart had napkins, plates, and cups in the exact shower colors!  For 97 cents – I couldn’t believe it!  For the silverware, I took tin cans and wrapped them with scrapbook paper and double-sided tape.  Just a cute little way to add a little extra something. 


hannah's shower 015



I took a vintage chalkboard I already had and set it atop a Coke cup holder I had found at Goodwill a while back.  I love chalkboards so I thought this would be fun.  This is when the party had just started and I was running around like crazy trying to take pictures of everything because I seriously *always* forget to do that.  I think by the end of the party there was maybe 9 boy and 7 girl?  But not everyone remembered to vote.  My vote is totally boy! 


hannah's shower 016



A vintage frame I already had…again with another pennant banner!  Can’t get enough of them.  Josh and Hannah were such cute little kids!

hannah's shower 017



We ate, played two games and then she opened all of her gifts and we had dessert.  It was a really nice time and I laughed a lot! 


I had to grab a quick picture with Hannah - isn’t her dress fabulous?!  Seriously, Olivia was only born 8 months ago and already I catch myself saying, “The clothes are so much cuter now!”  haha!

hannah's shower 023


Well, hopefully this post might inspire some of you if you ever need to throw a gender-neutral shower for someone!  I love party planning but I am a *little* relieved that I no longer have to spend my nights crafting pinwheels or tissue pom-poms!  lol


Have a great start to your week!


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