Sunday, April 21, 2013

Yard Sale Jackpots

Over the last two weekends, I have hit up some awesome sales!  Two were at a church and one was in a big high school auditorium to support Child and Family Services in our area.  So much fun, and so many bargains! And half the fun of grabbing great deals is sharing what you found at such great prices…so here you go. ;)

Last weekend I went to a church yard sale with Lindsay.  I was SO excited, because I haven’t been to this particular church sale in years – since we lived in PA – because our trips out there have never aligned with this sale.  This time it did, and you better believe the angels were singing!  It’s everything you can shove in a brown paper grocery bag, for a DOLLAR.  That’s right, you heard me! :)

I snagged a milk-glass vase, a mason jar (actually technically this was given away for free at another yard sale we went to later), a cute little mug, and a pink bowl I’m using on my dryer to store my dryer balls in.  I also got a bunch of comfy clothes to wear to bed – Old Navy shirts, Target pink sweatpants, a J. Crew shirt, a local college long-sleeve tee (super comfy!) and some slippers. 

sale and Olivia 009   sale and Olivia 010


I also Gap jammie pants and a beach hat for Miss Liv, as well as a crib fish tank and a Cadoo game with all of the pieces.   I originally thought the white lace was a crib skirt and I was freaking out – come to find out it’s a bassinet skirt, but I’m still going to try to make it work somehow in her room.  It’s so lacey and sweet and girly and I love it. 

sale and Olivia 011  sale and Olivia 012


I also snagged this gorgeous floor-length dress and adorable pink coat for her, both from OshGosh!  They’re both 18 months but totally worth hanging on to!

sale and Olivia 013  sale and Olivia 014


So I seriously got everything here (PLUS two hardcover books, not shown), for a dollar!  Insane, right?!

sale and Olivia 017


Moving on to this past Friday – my mom and I went a local church sale.  This church has great prices and there is always a huge line outside waiting for them to open!  This week was no exception.  My dad was off work so he watched Luke but I brought Olivia in a sling.  I had at least 5 people ask me if I had a real baby in there.  (?!)  People are strange.  lol

At this sale I found a lot of great kitchen items.  I’d been looking for a biscuit cutter for a while so I was happy to find one for 50 cents!  My favorite find here was a complete set of 6 Pampered Chef 1-cup bowls, with lids, for $4!! They retail for $21.50 on the site!  No kidding, these have been on my Pampered Chef “wishlist.” Score! :)

sale and Olivia 019

Basket, bird feeder, and can opener (ohhh I needed a new one badly!) were $1, and the cutter and grater were 50 cents. 


I also picked up two magnet boards with the cutest little birdie magnets for $2 each!  I’m going to mod-podge over the current design with some cute scrapbook paper.  I thought they were too cute to pass up. :)

sale and Olivia 021


Lastly was the Child and Family Services sale.  Mom and I went to this one yesterday, on half-price day.  We weren’t sure if we’d find anything good, since the sale had been going on since Thursday night, but boy were we wrong!  So much fun!  I got everything in the picture below for $2.12!  (AND a little potted tree which didn’t make it into the picture.)Insane! :)

sale and Olivia 022


Seriously, the prices were unbelievable! 5 cents for the mini Anthro-knock-off latte bowl, a quarter for the little pink candle holder, 15 cents for the cute little lantern (which ironically looks like the one I picked up at this sale last year)…

sale and Olivia 023


The chopper is brand-new and ended up being 50 cents!  The frame ended up being 2 cents (yes, seriously) after the sale (it doesn’t have glass but I don’t care! Oh and I’m totally going to pop out those beads and hot glue them again evenly spaced around the frame.  It’s stressing me out a little.  haha!) 

sale and Olivia 024


This apron was one of my faves – it’s no secret that I love the fall and for $1 I seriously couldn’t pass it up!  It’s so cute.  And the basket was only 10 cents!  I have an obsession with baskets.  Seriously.  The chalkboard was a quarter after the discount.  A quarter, people!  I already re-painted it with chalkboard paint yesterday and it looks great. 

sale and Olivia 026  sale and Olivia 025


When I realized my tally was so low, I went ahead and bought this Aero shirt for Chris for $2.  It is so soft and it still had the tags on it!  It fits him great and he really likes it.  They also had puzzles in another room so after I cashed out from the first room I snagged these three for Luke for only 25 cents each!  And the truck one is Melissa and Doug!  He has already played with them all for hours.  My boy LOVES puzzles!

sale and Olivia 028  sale and Olivia 027


So all told, everything on this blog post totaled $17.87.  Not bad, right?! :)

This mama is sooooooo happy that yard sale season is back!


  1. great stuff!! bummed that I missed those sales ... just too busy this weekend. But glad it's yard sale season again!

  2. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH yard sale season! I will get out this year. You need to keep me posted on the good ones yo!


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