Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring Decor & Our Easter 2013 {and a link to Olivia’s Page}

My heart was so blessed by the e-mails and Facebook messages and comments I received after my last post about my struggles with Olivia’s heart condition.  Thank you all so very much for being such wonderful readers and friends.  We found out at the doctor on Wednesday that she WILL be having surgery this month!  She gained just the right amount of weight to clear her for operating.  I started a Facebook page for her on Wednesday night so that all of her updates will now be in one place, and so that we have a place where people I’m not personally friends with can have access to her information.  I would be honored and humbled if you would “Like” her page and support our family with your thoughts and prayers during this time!  I don’t have that many Facebook friends (on purpose; I am very uptight about my family’s privacy), but my goal for this page is 1,000 “Likes” before her surgery.  In about 36 hours we are at 270 – I know we can reach our goal!  To find her page, search for “Olivia’s Page” on Facebook or use this direct link:

THANK YOU for your support and love!



Our Easter was very, very low key.  But it was nice. We had big plans to have a nice dinner with my parents and an Easter egg hunt for Luke and Easter baskets and all that.  But then my mom called to say that they’d been around people whose kids had been puking in public and they’d taken them out anyway (!!!) and long story short my parents had exposed themselves accidentally to the stomach bug. 

Well, unfortunately for us, Olivia’s doctors have stressed over and over that she CANNOT get dehydrated (whether through vomiting or diarrhea).  It is super dangerous for a baby with a heart condition and she would need to be brought back to the NICU immediately.  So we had to scrap all of our plans for the holiday to keep her safe.  (And thankfully my parents didn’t end up getting sick, but at least we did what we could.)

I’m not going to lie – I cried.  Holidays are a huge deal to me and the memories and the photos and especially with this being Livi’s first Easter and in the back of my mind I just kept thinking, “What if this is the only one she ever gets?” But there was really nothing I could do, so I just accepted it.  We decided to have Luke’s Easter egg hunt next Sunday instead (thankfully we hadn’t told him about it yet).


We did get dressed and went to church.  I told Chris that having a girl is so fun for me – it’s like having a little dolly to play with and dress up!  I LOVE putting her in little outfits and big bows (although 9 times out of 10 she’s spit-up all over the outfit 10 seconds after it’s on her!). 



We came home and relaxed and then my parents did a “Meals on Wheels” thing and brought us Easter dinner all wrapped up!  My poor mom had already made all the food on Saturday night and she said she didn’t want to waste it.  Plus she had gotten Luke a helium balloon that wouldn’t last.  So they ate their Easter dinner, then drove over and delivered a hot meal to us, along with Luke’s basket (Livi got a first Easter bib from my mom) and his balloon. 


{best I could get with Luke – ohhhh the difference in my children right now! lol}

But to keep us from getting sick, they stayed on the front step while Luke opened his presents inside the front door.  OHHHH I wish I would have taken a picture!  haha I’m sure our neighbors were thinking, “Wow, tight family bond, huh guys?”  LOL

So next week we will do “part 2” of our Easter and go have a little Easter egg hunt for Luke at my parents’ house.  I’m going to dress up Livi in her Easter outfit again since my parents didn’t get to see her in it.  Her beautiful dress was made by a wonderful etsy seller named Shelby whose shop is called Plain Jane & Co

There’s a very special story behind that dress, but I will save it for its own post. 


Here are a few shots of my “Springtime” decorating. 

april and house 014


april and house 015  april and house 017

I love documenting my house decor on the blog because each time the season changes, I can check the link on my blog to see how I decorated for it the year before! :)


 april and house 013  april and house 019


I am very much looking forward to fresh flowers in mason jars and bringing in big long branches of forsythia for the kitchen island.  Spring really doesn’t come to Connecticut until May (or end of April if we’re really lucky!) 

april and house 027

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter and a lovely weekend coming up! 


P.S. It’s 7:50 am and I wrote this WHOLE post this morning while my kids were both sleeping!  And they’re STILL sleeping!  It’s a Christmas miracle!  I love cloudy mornings!! Quiet house and coffee?!  BLISSFUL.  :)

april and house 025

P.P.S. I had to google how to spell “diarrhea.”  What a weird, weird, word. 

P.P.S.  This post is actually getting finished and published at 9:37.  It was fun while it lasted. ;)


  1. I'm so sorry I've been MIA. I'm trying to get caught up on blogs and am just catching up on your sweet baby girl. Heading over to like the FB page so can keep up. Sorry that you easter plans got thrown for a loop. Bitit sounds like you made the most of it and your family is just beautiful.

  2. Definitely praying for Olivia!
    I just booked our tickets to CT for May 2nd. I'm praying that there is still forsythia! It's my absolute favorite and we don't have it here in sad! So, while you're waiting anxiously for spring I'm hoping the forsythia don't bloom until May! :)

  3. I LOVE the way that Luke is looking at you in your family Easter picture. So precious!


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