Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Prayers for My Daughter

In just about 24 hours from right now, my precious daughter Olivia will be heading into the OR for her open-heart surgery.  It’s hard to put into words what this feels like – but “swirling” is a pretty close description.  I simultaneously want it to be over immediately and never ever begin. 


If all goes well, she will be through with her surgery early tomorrow afternoon (it’s about 5 hours in the OR) and then we should be in the hospital til about Monday.  She is being operated on at Yale-New Haven Hospital here in CT.


I’m a busy little bee today trying to pack up all four of our lives for the scattered places we will all end up over the course of this week.  But I wanted to mention that I have started a Facebook page for Olivia, called “Olivia’s Page,”  and you can follow the link here:


I’ve been putting specific daily prayer requests on the site over the past week, and I’ll be updating it all day tomorrow as I know news from the nurses and doctors and then once we are (God willing) in post-op.  I’ve already seen some sweet blog friends' names on there and that blesses my heart so much. 

My husband and I and our families appreciate your prayers more than you will ever know!  And I just want to publically declare that no matter what God’s outcome for my daughter tomorrow:

He is good. 

He is faithful. 

He loves Olivia more than we do.

He is trustworthy.

And if He calls Olivia home, I know that she will never again experience pain or fear or suffering.  My mommy heart takes immense peace in that.  


  1. Jess!!! This brought me to tears! You are all in my prayers and you are all held tightly in the Father's loving hands. Love you!

  2. Prayers for your baby! I hope all went well!!


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