Thursday, January 26, 2012

YHM: Week 3 {I Will Not Quit!}

Something really exciting happened yesterday. 

I pulled my jeans off the drying rack – those babies were as crispy as could be, since I refuse to put them in the dryer for fear of them getting even tighter. 

And I put them on. 

And zipped. 

They always zip (thank God), so that’s not the miraculous part. 

The miraculous thing was that these extra-crispy, newly-washed jeans, which would usually require Olympic-level lunges to break them in, just……


It was awesome!  (Feel free to laugh at the mental image of me doing lunges to fit into my crispy jeans.  lol)

I still have muffin top – heck I have a whole BAKERY of rolls going on down there in my belly area. 

But it’s progress, people.  And I’ll take it.  :)

My actual weight loss has been slooooooooow.  On Friday I had dropped 2.6 pounds, but then a certain Event happened that makes me gain 3-4 pounds on average so when the Event is over I will be back to weighing myself like normal.  I refuse to weigh myself right now because the water bloat is killer and I refuse to see numbers on the scale that aren’t really true to what’s going on right now and have that messing with my head.  So the fact that no lunges were required to wear the crispy-jeans, especially this week, is even more exciting. 

Because normally I would be throwing on a pair of leggings right now and calling it a day. :)

So I’m just plugging along……watching portions….limiting treats…..working out every single day that I can (which has averaged to be about 6 days a week for the last 3 weeks). 

I took my measurements in week 2 so I can see progress in a month or so.  I read a GREAT post yesterday about NO MORE EXCUSES.  This girl also wrote about how over a 2-month period she hardly lost any weight but she still dropped from a size 10 to a size 8 because she was exercising and things were still toning up.  That was super encouraging to read! 

I’m in this to win this, baby!


P.S. My bloggy friend Sarah has a degree in nutritional science and is also a health coach and a trained wellness coach (I hope I got that right, Sarah!). She blogs at Growing on Gettysburg and she wrote a post talking about some of the things she has learned and taught over the years.  There is a great line in her post that she recommends putting on your fridge:  “If you’re not hungry then what you need isn’t in here.”  LOVE IT!  I totally put it on my fridge.  She said she would love to help anyone else who needs a little direction on the weight loss/healthy eating journey and you can reach her at sgh131{at}yahoo{dot}com.  :)


  1. Thanks for the shout out!! and congratulations of your jean success!! That is always a very exciting one!! Progress you can see :-)

  2. I totally laughed at your lunge visual! :) SO proud of you for sticking to it!! Keep up the good work!

  3. LOL... you lunge. I squat. Totally get it! Oh good gracious you make me laugh.

  4. congrats girl. and i totally get the even weight gain... glad i'm not alone in the frustration! : )

  5. Just catching up on your blog here... You are so funny- I have an entire bakery around my belly area too these days... It must have been really exciting to fit easily into those jeans! I prefer squats for getting into mine :D


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