Tuesday, January 10, 2012

YHM Progress, Week One: The Honest Truth

I am sitting here and seriously dreading the words that my hands are currently typing.  I worked SO hard last week – I worked out 5 days on my elliptical, plus did some light weight lifting each of those 5 days.  I ate much smaller portions than I had been, got back on the clean eating bandwagon (that had derailed a little over the holidays), stopped eating all treats and leftover Christmas candy, and….

I lost .2 pounds.  Yup, that’s right.  POINT TWO.  For real, I could cry. 

Let me give you a little insight into how my week went.  Let’s just pretend, for the sake of argument, that my starting weight was 1 pound (because so help me but I am just not brave enough to post my real weight on the internet yet). 

Tuesday – 1 pound
Wednesday – 2 pounds (????)
Thursday – still 2 pounds
Friday – .4 pounds
Saturday - 1 pound
Sunday – .8 pounds
Monday – .8 pounds
Tuesday – .8 pounds


You want to know the crazy thing?  The two days I didn’t exercise at night were Thursday and Saturday.  Not only that, but Saturday I also went out to eat at Olive Garden!  (I ate only until I was satisfied and ate healthier choices, but I thought for sure I would see it in the scale in the morning.)  And those are the only two days I showed a loss! I don’t understand!!

I’ve always known I have a really sluggish metabolism, and clearly this week is evidence of that. Who in the world starts dieting and exercising and loses TWO-TENTHS of a pound?!  I did some research online today and saw a few tips that are supposed to help: like interval training, lifting higher-pound weights, drinking green tea and taking fish oil supplements before working out.  I’m going to implement some of those this week.

Does anyone have any insight for me?? Clean eating is my thing – but exercising and weight loss are definitely NOT my thing.  I need help, people!

Sorry for the downer post – I just needed to vent.  Some of you had mentioned that you were also trying to get your eating and exercising under control.  How are you all doing?  Specifically Kathy, Becky, Tina, and Sarah!  Let me know girls!  E-mail or comment!


  1. Jessica, Stick with it! You are doing a great job and sometimes the scale shouldn't be the one "grading" you. How do YOU feel? Your body needs to time to recognize the changes you have made. Definitely try the interval training. I know of some great programs if you are interested. Like I said, you are doing great, please don't get so down on yourself so quickly. Blessings,

  2. Jess, the same thing happens to me every.time. i start to work out and diet. So don't get discouraged! I've found it's just my body's way of making the switch from fat to muscle. I betcha you'll see a two pound loss in the next week or two if you stick with the same regiment and I betcha you'll have a steady weight loss from there. And also, I found drinking lemon water in the morning helped with weight loss. There's numerous other health benefits to it too, added bonus(i think I have the link on pinterest if you haven't read about it already). :-)

  3. Muscle weighs more than fat. It takes time. You won't see any difference in your body until you lose 10lbs which is water weight. It stinks. But keep going. I had 20lbs of baby weight to lose, and I did it. Even if your portion sizes are smaller if you are eating the wrong things it doesn't much matter. You said you are eating clean, so I can't imagine you are eating bad. Just keep going. Maybe your body is just resisting. It can be done. You can do it.

  4. I've been doing the Paleo version of clean eating. I've read that eating coconut oil (like using it to fry eggs) in the morning has been shown to help you feel fuller, eat less at lunch and rev your metabolism. Doing the first week of the paleo Whole30 and I have lost 5 pounds. THat is in no way normal for me. I am more like the weigh ins you described above. One time I even gained 2 pounds the first week of a new diet. I also take a B-complex supplement which claims to help convert food to energy since I know I have a slow metabolism. HTH

  5. All I can say is I am right there with ya! That is the primary reason why I start and stop diets/exercise regimes over and over again ... because I get too discourgaged too quickly so I just give up. I have heard you just need to stick it out for a while, but of course I've never gotten that far. AND my weight on the scale goes up and down just like yours too!

    BUT this year, it's the year of the hot mama, I'm adopting that for myself as well ... so let's not give up! Let's not quick! Even when we're frustrated and don't think it's doing any good, even when the scale doens't seem to budge - we KNOW that all these good choices are good for us and we KNOW that eventually it will help our weight go down ... so let's do it! Let's become those HOT MAMAS this year!!!

  6. *sorry about my spelling ... I was fired up!*

  7. A couple of thoughts.. First of all, GOOD FOR YOU! You're making great choices for your body.
    I'd suggest not getting on the scale every day... Fluctuations in weight is so common and normal and that can be really discouraging. And it's easy to become a slave to the scale. I'd pack it away and then just pull it out for those weekly checkpoints.
    Are you eating little meals throughout the day? I've heard some healthy snacks between meals is really good for keeping your metabolism up.
    And finally -- I'd just encourage you to make sure to focus on being HEALTHY, not skinny. I know feeling comfortable in your body is important and obviously a great motivator, but regardless of what the scale says (especially at first), know you're taking good care of your body. You'll be feeling better, and you'll be healthier and better able to care for your family!
    Stick with it!!

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