Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012: The Year of the Hot Mom

Did you just laugh at me through your computer screen?  It’s okay if you did – I promise. :)

Girls, I don’t know about all of you but I am seriously just SICK AND TIRED of lugging around this extra weight!  I am twenty-two pounds heavier than my wedding day five and a half years ago.  TWENTY TWO! Now I don’t ever expect to be that skinny again – I was working out for an hour at the gym five days a week, plus on a strict diet.  I was in the absolute best shape of my life, but that was for a specific time in my life and I don’t expect to come close to that again. 

{August 4, 2006- the night before I got married – with two of my bridesmaids.}

But I will tell you that my lowest weight after Luke was born was only ten pounds higher than that.  I was Somersizing and eating super clean.  I wasn’t really toned, but I could fit into a lot more of my clothes than I can now. 

{July 2010 - about 10-12 pounds higher than my wedding weight.  This is the goal I’m going for now.}

Do you want to know something insane?  Like seriously crazy? I am fifteen pounds heavier than I was in May.  Gross, right?  That means that I have gained fifteen pounds in a little less than eight months.  And what is the reason for this?  Apathy.  I just haven’t been proactive about taking care of myself.  I know for sure that I gained weight about the time that Luke’s food issues started coming to the surface (I am a total stress eater for sure), and then I definitely gained weight over the holidays (because to be honest, I just love food! lol). 

I can’t describe it, really, but all I know is that I have had enough.  I have two weddings to be a part of this June, and I want to look good in those pictures.  I deserve it, my husband definitely deserves it, and even Luke deserves it – he deserves a healthy mom….certainly not one who is gaining fifteen pounds a year. 

It also helps that all my pants are getting too tight and I’m way too cheap to go out and buy new ones.  lol


I have declared 2012 The Year of the Hot Mom.  So far my husband knows about this, as does my friend Lindsay.  And now all of you do, too.  Ha!

I have a specific goal to lose one pound a week for the next 18 weeks.  That puts me right at April 24th – with time to adjust a bridesmaid dress, if needed, for the wedding I am in on June 16th. 

I bought an elliptical off of Craigslist right before Christmas.  I used it tonight!!  (It’s the first full day we’ve been back home since traveling over New Year’s).  There is no earthly way I am going to get myself motivated to exercise unless it involves me watching tv or a movie.  In other words, if I actually have to think about the exercise I’m doing, it’s just not going to happen.  I used to work out on the elliptical machine at the gym last year, and I loved it.  I know some people hate them, but I actually enjoy them.  I can’t believe I just said that about exercising.  It feels like I just swore.  haha

I bought a digital scale a few months ago that shows pounds in .2 increments, which also really helps.  Before all I had was a crummy dial one from a flea market and it was super tricky to actually tell if you’d lost weight or not because it always came unbalanced.  I’ll be weighing myself everyday.

As far as eating goes, so far I’m going to just limit my portions and eat as clean as possible.  I know that sugar and carbs are weight triggers for me, so I’ll be trying to stay away from them.  My problem usually isn’t what I’m eating, since I eat very healthy foods overall, but how much of it.  My friend Lindsay lost about 40 pounds through portion control and exercise several years ago, and she is the queen of self-control when it comes to eating.  I try to picture her face when I want to eat.  lol!


Some other phrases I’ve heard that are helpful and play in my head:

“You are not a human garbage disposal.”

“Better to go to waste than to waist.”

“Are you really hungry or are you just bored?”

“Let yourself get to a 3 or 4 on the hunger scale (out of 10) before you eat something.  You don’t always need to be at a level 1.”

“Aim to only feel 80% full all of the time – never stuffed.”

“Is this really worth it?”


I just wanted you all to know that I am totally willing to help you be accountable if you need help along the way!  You could start your own “Hot Mom” program. (Or hot wife, hot girlfriend, hot nurse, etc. haha)

I am so ready to DO this.

It’s my year.

I’m coming back, baby! 

I’ll check back in next week! :)


  1. It's like you read my mind!!! And a couple yrs ago {I think it was 09 was the year I gained 17 lbs from June to Dec!!!! So you're not the only one! The prob is that ever since then I've been trying to get rid of that and more and just keep yo yoing up and down. And like you, I'm SICK of it!! THIS is going to be our year Jess!! We CAN do it! I will hold you accountable if you will do the same for me? As you know, I'm not a perfectly clean eater, but I'm working on it - and just like you I'm working on portion control. I will hate to come to another Dec weighing just as much as I do now so I desperately need the accountability cause left to my own devices I have NO self control!

  2. You can do it! I think the most important thing is to be healthy and fit, at least this is what my hubby tells me. He finds me most attractive when I'm working on getting those pounds off. I started jogging last year, in an effort to lose all of the baby weight from 2 pregnancies. I didn't reach my weight goal before getting pregnant again, but I lost inches in my hips, butt, chest and stomach, and was able to get back into pre-pregnancy clothes. Now, i"m 5 months preggo, but already planning to train for a 10 mile run in September of this year (the baby is due in April) and really hoping to reach my weight loss goal by this time next year. Thanks for the encouragement to be a HOT MAMA!

  3. Can I join in? I was doing really well in the spring/summer, but let something really silly stress me out in late August - and have been a bingeing mess every since! I haven't stepped on a scale in a long time...but I'm quite sure I've gained back the 15+ pounds I'd lost (which is especially disappointing because I was at least halfway to my goal). And I've been having a really hard time getting motivated, even with the new year...BUT I SO want to be "hot" again. I am blessed in that my hubby things I already/still am...but I want to be comfy in my own skin, and I'm not now. So...how can we best help each other?

  4. Tina, of course you can! I'll be posting each Tuesday with my progress - I can send you an e-mail if you want, or you can write your own weekly link-up, too!

  5. I am totally on board too!! (insert reason number 452 i wished we lived in the same town so we can do this together!) If you plan on doing a series on Tuesdays let me know if you want to use any of the posts I did a few years ago. Hmmm, the more I think about it i think we did to have a little chat over email about this! I have some big ideas! Okay, emailing you now (hopefully the kids stay happy long enough for me to send it!)

  6. I'm just reading this now! Not sure how I missed such a confession! BUT we need to talk again! hahaha


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