Monday, April 11, 2011

Miscellany Monday {11}

{1} I got out by myself yesterday afternoon while Luke was napping and went to our local outlets.  I was there for about 4 hours, and while I did spend about half an hour or so getting a bunch of stuff in OshGosh for Luke, the rest of the time was spent trying on and looking at clothes for me.  And I ended up with 4 items.  FOUR. 

The problem is both that a) unless I’m at a super-skinny weight, which I’m totally not right now, I have a reaaaallly hard time finding clothes to fit my body type, and b) I’m cheap frugal.  I can’t pay full-price for anything (unless it’s food, basically), so by the time I finally find clothes on sale or clearance and lug them back to the dressing room, then I have to start the battle all over again and hope and pray something fits my weird body.  It’s really, really awesome and fun.  I would much rather dress my house than myself! haha

Anyway, the things I DID get I’m really happy about: two basics and two fun items.  I had 20% off coupons in addition to the sales, so that really helped.  Purple’s really not my favorite color like it probably seems, but it looks good with my green eyes (does that sound snotty?  lol I hope not!) and unfortunately pink (which IS my favorite color) doesn’t do my pale skin any favors.

april 2011 035  april 2011 037

{Denim skirt $16 Old Navy; purple tunic $13.42 Ann Taylor Loft; black boyfriend cardi $10.99 Old Navy; purple-striped summer scarf $14.16 J. Crew.}

{2} As crappy as all this rain has been lately in New England, I can’t really complain because Luke has been sleeping like a champ. He was waking up a LOT at 5:45 but when it’s cloudy out he’ll sleep til 6:30 and today it was TEN AFTER SEVEN! It felt like I’d died and woke up………….well, like the rest of the normal world. :)  Also helping are the room-darkening shades we bought at Target last year.  Best money we ever spent. 


{3} I am literally incapable of brushing my teeth without looking like a rabid animal.  As in, I NEVER look like this woman:

I never realized it was a problem until college in the dorms and I realized all the other girls were brushing neatly and there was no foam coming out of their mouths.  I try really hard but even my husband is less messy than me. Yeah I know this is truly random but it surprises me about myself. hahaha!


{4} Speaking of rabid animals (wow, I started with outlet shopping and look how far I’ve come on a tangent! haha), I sorta felt like one yesterday.  My mom and I got in her Tahoe and went to pick through our neighbor’s pile of junk that is getting picked-up on Tuesday by the town crew.  We made off with a really nice 3-wheel stroller (I need a new one since Luke’s doesn’t fit him – it’s a long story), a kid’s easel, and a picnic table.  We also hauled away a brown bamboo Pier 1 rug with a suspicious pee-spot that my mom insisted was too cute to leave in the junk pile.  It WAS adorable, but I didn’t want to take it (even I have limits to my frugalness! haha), but she insisted that she’ll scrub it outside for me with Lysol.  I could not stop laughing the whole time we were out there in their front yard.  I just couldn’t get over how ridiculous we must look – total reality tv fodder. ;) Oh and did I mention they had dinner guests? Oh yeah, baby!  I can only imagine the conversation at the table:

“Ummm, do you realize there’s two women digging through your trash like it’s Christmas morning?

“Oh yeah, don’t mind them, it’s just the family up the road!” 

hahahaha (In our defense, she DID tell my mom we could take stuff if we wanted. ;)

Here is a pic of the picnic table (the rest of the stuff is in the shed and I’m way too lazy and cold to walk out there right now!)

april 2011 038

{5} Today I’m just staying home - making chocolate-chip scones for Chris’s breakfasts and doing laundry and cleaning.  35 days and counting til we move!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) We just got word last night that the sellers are going to fix 2 of the 3 things we asked them to in the house.  I’m not complaining at all because they could have said “no” to all 3.  That is saving us several hundred dollars – whoo hoo! :) Oh and the adoption meeting went really well – I will update sometime this week about that. 


Happy Monday, everyone! :)

P.S. My friend and sponsor Darlene is having a sale on her site right now! Lots of paper is on sale and there is free USA shipping!  Click here to check out her blog and here for her actual site. 


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  1. "like it's Christmas morning" LOL! You totally made me laugh. What a fun post!

  2. Jess, I am so jealous. I miss the shopping in CT. I used to go to those outlets all the time... and the great thing is that the state is so small, you can actually go to more than one in any given day!!! Just saying... so jealous!!

  3. Love your tunic from ann taylor. Super cute. And how fun that you found that little picnic table. My bestie in GA has one and they use it alot on their back patio in the summer. Will you use yours outside?

  4. I have the same feeling abour shopping as you do! However, i can always seem to find something when i reall don't have the money to spend on it!

    Thanks for the fun post.

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