Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I’m Off to the Community Center Gym….

for the first time in about 6 months. 

I may not make it back out alive. 


If I do, it ain’t gonna be pretty.  I am not a hot-looking worker-outer.  I do not “glisten.”  I sweat like a man, my hair frizzes out, and I get puffy and red.  I’m pretty sure mothers want to shield their young children’s eyes when I walk by. 


If it weren’t for the tv and magazines there, I wouldn’t be going.

I am already looking forward to getting it over with, getting home, and gettin’ cozy with Ryan Seacrest and then the Extreme Couponing girls.

I am pretty much the coolest person I know.


  1. Ha! I love it! Hope you had a good trip to the gym- if you actually made it there ;)

  2. Good luck, and good for you for going! I hope you have a great work out!

  3. good for you! i'm guessing you survived. : ) hope you've had a lovely weekend, sweet girl!


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