Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Weight Loss and House Updates

As far as the house situation goes, we are good to go!  We got a call on Saturday night that our buyer decided NOT to re-test; she is going to “chance” it and move in anyway!  Is that not craziness?!  I said to Chris, “It’s literally like God is moving her right into our house for us!”  We are still scheduled to close on the 29th. More good news is that our attorney’s office called, and they’re fed-exing (yeah spell-check does not like my new word) the documents to us this week.  All we have to do is sign them in front of a notary, fed-ex them back, and we don’t even have to attend closing!  This is also wonderful news because the attorney’s office is nowhere near my in-laws; we were either going to have to pray Luke survived a good hour or so in the offices or leave him with my in-laws and drive in the opposite direction to go back and pick him up. 

So my house is actually selling.  MY HOUSE IS SELLING! No more pregnancy tests needed for me!  For real, I feel like I’ve lost about 50 pounds of worrying.  I am a much more fun person to be around this week.  haha

Speaking of weight, I told you all that I had a goal of 4 pounds lost by Thanksgiving.  Well, as of today I’ve lost only 2.5.  I got a really bad cold/sinus infection last week, and it’s still lingering.  My ear is still blocked up pretty bad, so I’m not sure what I’m going to do about that.  Anyway, all that to say that I did not do Zumba like I had planned, and I know that would have helped.  My current goal is to just maintain my weight through this weekend (I have to survive TWO Thanksgiving meals!) and then start Zumba when I’m back and feel totally better. 

IMG_8960 Us and our little Turkey last Thanksgiving

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is only two days away! It truly is my favorite day/weekend of the year.  Thanksgiving for me involves watching the parade on tv with my sister, eating my mom’s delicious meal, then going to a big post-dinner party at a family friend’s house with a bunch of families I’ve known my whole life.  We play games and eat desserts and it’s a lot of fun.  The only early-morning line I stand in on Black Friday is the Goodwill line – our local Goodwill has 50% off EVERYTHING in the store that day!  It is a madhouse but it is so much fun.  Then we usually come home and help my parents decorate for Christmas. 

This year we’ll be hopping in the car on Friday night (so Luke will sleep), loading up the U-Haul in PA, and driving it back on Monday.  We’ll celebrate Thanksgiving with Chris’s extended family on Saturday.  It will be a whirlwind, but still so much fun. 

And when we come back, I can finally play Christmas music without feeling like I’m cheating on Thanksgiving! hahaha

I won’t be posting again til next Tuesday because I’ll be so busy with everything.  I want to thank those of you who have told me via comments or e-mail you’re praying – it means SO much to me!  Have a WONDERFUL holiday, everyone!


  1. That's so great about your house!! :)

  2. Great news on the house! Have a happy Thanksgiving :)

  3. Yay!!! I'm so glad the house sold! Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Congratulations!! I know that is a HUGE weight off your shoulders. You will be able to really enjoy your Christmas - YAY!

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