Monday, November 8, 2010

Miscellany Monday {9}

1.  I said last Monday I wanted to lose a pound a week (so 4 pounds total) before Thanksgiving, and this week I lost……………


Now before you think I’ve been counting calories like a crazy woman, you should probably know that I randomly got pretty sick on Tuesday night and therefore had no desire to eat on Wednesday and I think my stomach has subsequently shrunk a little (you know what I mean, right?).  Anyway, I’m excited that I’m halfway to my mini-goal! 

My mom ordered some Zumba dvds that should be arriving this week for us to do, so hopefully that will help me lose another pound to stay on track.  Two of you said you were on board with the weight-loss thing – how did you do, girls?!  Comment or e-mail me if you’d like!  Let me tell ya: knowing I had to come on here and post what I’d lost made me seriously analyze every calorie that entered my mouth this week – definitely a good thing. :)

2.  Although, to be honest, I totally made an allotment for my salted caramel hot cocoa on Saturday night date night.  I’ve only had 3 in the last 4 weeks.  That’s not that bad, right?!  I seriously can’t.get.enough.  Perfection.

3.  I am so thankful to have the chance to attend a wonderful Moms group in this area.  On Friday, I got home and started changing Luke’s diaper and realized the nursery worker had put it on backwards.  I’m not complaining; I actually think it’s hilarious.  But seriously, we’ve all done it at least once! 

And it got me thinking - why in the world do they not just put “front” and “back” on diapers?! Like the kid really can see Elmo on his butt!  haha

4.  This is the last week of big-time stress for the house.  Our buyer has until Thursday to get her inspections completed.  Septic passed (thank God!) and she’s just waiting on the water.  Assuming that the water passes, we’ll be heading to PA this weekend, just the two of us, to have a hard-core packing weekend.  I feel major mom-guilt for leaving Luke with my parents, but it is just a million times faster if we don’t have to worry about being quiet for his naps and bringing his special food, etc., etc.  Friends are coming to help us pack, but we’re not going to church or spending time visiting or anything.  It’s a “git her done” type deal.  (That’s my three years of living in NEPA for you!  hahahahaha) Hopefully we will be able to get the whole house done, and then when we return for Thanksgiving weekend all we’ll have to do is load the boxes into the U-Haul and then CLOSE on the 29th!

I keep having recurring dreams/nightmares about the house and buying our next one.  I will be sooooooooooooooo happy when the 29th has come and gone!

5.  I’m not trying to skip over Thanksgiving, because it truly is my favorite.  BUT, I saw this link on another blog and I had to share: I absolutely, positively LOVE this advent chain!  It is SO cute!  Totally doing this next year....or whenever it is that Luke will get it.  :)

~The 25 Days of Christmas Countdown~Envelope Advent Banner, This is a holiday banner for my staircase that is made up of crafting envelopes.  Each envelope has a "coupon" inside that is redeemable for something special (i.e. a family game night, a cup of hot chocolate, a piece of Christmas Candy, Mom reading a book etc..).  The child opens the envelope on the day that the number is on the envelope and continues to open an envelope each day until Christmas Day.  This is their "Christmas Countdown" and a fun family activity.  It also makes a very cute holiday decoration!, Holiday Project
Image via

Of course, there’s always Carrie’s advent calendar, which is also ridiculously fabulous. I can’t decide which one I like better!  P.S. If you’re not reading Buzzings of a Queen Bee, I strongly recommend that you do.  Carrie has exceptional taste and creativity – her blog is one of my absolute favorites!

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Okay, wow, I feel that this has been sufficiently random!  Happy Monday!  :)

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  1. Congrats on the weight loss!
    Good luck with inspection & closing!
    Don't have guilt about leaving Little Cutie with grandma - it's best for everyone!
    Both Advent calendars are super cute!!
    happy monday : )

  2. yay for the weight loss... the only good thing about being sick is a getting a jumpstart! don't have mom-guilt; its way better for you guys to pack alone while luke has fun with his grandparents! hope all thing go smoothly with the sale! love advent calendars; can't wait for my kids to "get it" too. have a great week!

  3. Yea, so this week ended up being extremely emotional, so the losing weight things didn't happen. I didn't even try - it was pretty pathetic. Congrats on the 2 lbs!

  4. Found your blog through Carissa's link up and I LOVE it! Good luck packing!

  5. Hope everything falls into place with the house this week and that the packing goes smoothly. Enjoy your kidfree time!! NO MOM GUILT. :) It will be nice for you and your hubby to have time to yourselves.

  6. Yay for starbucks! Good luck with the house, keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you guys!

  7. It's me again from "THE LACEY PLACEY" sorry about the mix up on your link back name! OOPS! I'm so glad you told me! I fixed it : ) I must have been on the Blessed Nest when I was posting that and got confused!

  8. I can't believe I still haven't tried the salted caramel hot chocolate! Hubby just went and got me a regular one - doh! I'm reading this 30 mins too late :)

    Congrats on the weight loss but sorry it was due to illness! Way to look on the positive side though!

    One of our church nursery workers put Noelle's diaper on backwards and we didn't realize it until we got home. Home is 45 minutes away which meant a huge mess when we got home! We now check before we leave the parking lot :)


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