Saturday, September 11, 2010

Thrifty Shopping - Just for Me :)

Normally, when I have money to burn (ha! yeah right!), I spend it on stuff for my house. I know what I like, it’s easy, it’s cheap, and I don’t have to try it on. (I swear, there is NO brand of clothing out there made for my body type. Ugh! Moving on….)

Anyway, I have been able to purchase a few fun items lately just for me, not for my house, and I thought I’d share them with you!

Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker, from my friend Kathy’s yard sale - $1. I am so glad she didn’t like the scent, because I think it smells awesome!

late august early sept 021
I actually purchased this a year or two ago but it was before I had a blog. An Ann Taylor leather bag in beautiful condition for $2! late august early sept 017

late august early sept 018

I used to use this as my school bag when I was a teacher, but I decided that I’m going to use it as my diaper bag this fall. My current diaper bag is verrrry large (you’re probably laughing right now if you know me in person!), and while it was great for carting around bottles and cans of formula, that’s not necessary anymore. The thin “belt” dates it a little, but I’m going to use it again this fall and probably one more season after that.

Also an old purchase, but one of my favorites from last year: simple gold Lia Sophia hoops from the flea market – only $1. I love the subtle detailing and the fact that they’re a tarnished/softened gold – not bright yellow.

late august early sept 012

Cute woven top from Old Navy - $5.99 at the consignment shop

late august early sept 014

GORGEOUS Bandolino leather and suede flats - $6.40 on sale (also from that shop). I am totally, completely in love with these shoes. I can’t even tell you how many times a day I look at them. I may have a problem.

late august early sept 010

A Hato Hasi quilted purple purse, on clearance for $2 at a different shop. Anyone else ever heard of this brand? I never have. I just love the plum color (it looks deeper in person than in the picture) and the fact that it’s a change from my two standard black and brown winter purses.

late august early sept 015 late august early sept 016

So there you have it! A peek into some of my thrifted fall wardrobe and accessory items: about $20 for two bags, earrings, perfume, shoes, and a shirt. Has anyone else found some great fall clothing items lately?

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  1. I love those shoes! I don't do very much clothes shopping very much lately either, but I've determined to start shopping through my closet and trying to reinvent some items that I don't use anymore. We'll see how it goes! :)

  2. Oh Jessica Sweetie...
    I love your share today. Lovely is my favorite scent, and what a deal you got on that one. I would have wrestled you for that one.

    Love the bag. How pretty is that and those little flats are TDF. So cute. The color just perfect for Fall, wherever he is. We have been waiting and waiting here in the Phoenix desert.

    Thank you for sharing sweet friend. Have a gorgeous day. Country hugs and much love, Sherry

  3. Such a fun post Jessica! I just got a grey Ralph Lauren sweater this week at Goodwill. I don't have a lot of sweaters and everyone keeps telling me I need to get my wardrobe ready for cooler weather in R.I. Who knows if I will even make it there during the winter!

    Love the Ann Taylor bag. I have one very similar {minus the belt} from The Limited from a long time ago. I used to use it prior to kids for traveling and I always got a ton of compliments on it. If mine had any type of closure at the top I would use it for a diaper bag. I like that yours has the two snaps on it. I don't need all my baby mama stuff tumbling out every two seconds! :) Oh and skinny belts are in style now so I don't think the bag would be out of style.

    I also love those gold hoops and the shoes. Great finds Jessica!

  4. Love all the goodies you found! Great thrifting. I gotta date with a friend on Tuesday to go thrifting all day! Yay! Hope you are having a super fabulous weekend!

  5. It's good to treat yourself from time-to-time. You found some great buys, Jessica! La

  6. Ahh I’m ga-ga over your top and super cute shoes! Great finds!!!

    Kendra aka “Domestic Princess in Training”

  7. Like you I tend not to buy for myself but I think that makes the times you do find something all the more special. Your bags are great. Can't go wrong with thrifted bags.

  8. Love the flats. Those are adorable. All great finds!


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