Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Weekend Update {You Know, On A Wednesday…}

Cause that’s how I roll!  lol  I had a great weekend and since a lot of you are like me and like seeing what other people find for cheap {hey if we’re weird at least we’re weird together!} I thought I’d show a few pictures real quick. :)


On Friday my mom came over to sit with the kids while I went to Luke’s preschool for a parent-teacher conference.  She handed me a bag and said, “I couldn’t wait til your birthday!” {It’s not til December.}  Inside was this beaaaaauuuutiful pink Pyrex casserole, in great condition!  Made my day! She found it at Salvation Army. 

thrift store finds 006



Then Friday night I got to have a girls’ night out with Amber.  She’s one of my best friends and we’re both in the phase of life right now with little kids and not a lot of sleep and loooong days so we both really needed it!  We hit up Chipotle, Hobby Lobby, Trader Joe’s and Saver’s.  All the best!

The reason I wanted to head to Hobby Lobby was to finally pick out some frames for my hallway that has been b-a-r-e except for a mirror since we moved in two and a half years ago!  LAME.  But I have the hardest time finding things to hang on my wall that I like!  These frames were just what I was looking for!  They are definitely pricier than I would have paid, but my b-day is coming up…. ;)


thrift store finds 012

I can’t wait to hang them this weekend!



I also found this light plate for Livi’s room {how sweet, right?!}, a knob for my bathroom linen closet {currently knob-less, so sad} and these two clearanced brown knobs that will fit perfectly on an antique cabinet we got from Chris’ family.  So fun!

thrift store finds 011



I also got some pink paper for Livi’s room, green paper for Christmas crafts, and burlap ribbon for another craft I hope to do. 

thrift store finds 014


Ohhhhh I love that store!! I wish it was closer!!


We hit up Trader Joe’s and I wanted to show you guys these crackers.  They are my MOST FAVORITE.  They are made with rice, so they are super crunchy and ADDICTIVE.  Ohhhh I love them!  Chris *hates* when I eat them because he says the bag smells like burnt popcorn {he’s totally right} but if you love savory/bitter foods you will love these! Divine with hummus!  {And they make two different sizes.}

 thrift store finds 009


Last up was Saver’s….I found a few kid items that I needed, like a sleep sack for Livi for $2.49.  I also found a great Pyrex present {for you, Linds!! lol} and one pretty dish for myself {it is soooo dangerous when you know your birthday is coming soon and you’ll be getting money!  haha}.  But this piece had the glass and that’s so hard to find, plus it matches another bowl I have already! It was $4.99 but it was worth it to me since it has the glass lid.


thrift store finds 007



I’ve also mentioned probably a hundred times once or twice how much I love children’s books, and ESPECIALLY seasonal ones.  Even better was that some of these I was going to order from the Scholastic insert, and they were waaaay cheaper at the thrift store!  Yay! :) And can I just say HOW fun it is that I can buy a whole series of books named Olivia?!  I mean seriously…can you imagine being a kid and there’s a whole series of books with your name on it?!  Love it.  And the book is actually hilarious.

thrift store finds 001



We had a great, great night and it was so much fun to shop! Oh and here’s one more picture…I stopped into Goodwill last week after a chiropractor appointment and found these two kids books for 49 cents each, plus the She and Him cd {I’ve been wanting it!} and some pink 49 cent tulle that I’ll be using for Livi’s party!  So fun! :)

thrift store finds 003



On Saturday we did a quick family photo shoot at my brother’s place.  He has a beautiful rental property and there is an old barn there that has amazing patina.  I’m not sharing “the” photo, but here’s a sneak peek of one of my favorites! 




We went to Five Guys afterward and then Target and I got some great grocery deals.


On Sunday I didn’t feel well at all {my cold had finally caught up to me} so Chris took Luke to church and I stayed home with Liv.  Having a day to stay in my jammies and nap helped me sooooo much!


And here we are on Thanksgiving Eve!  My favorite weekend of the entire year!  I got to see my sister and my brother-in-law yesterday!  I haven’t seen my sister Jill since April and Jordan hadn't even met Livi yet!  Craziness!  I’m soooooooooooooo looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, parade watching, Black Friday Goodwill shopping, and getting our tree this weekend!  Can’t wait! 


Have an amazing, blessed Thanksgiving, everyone! 


  1. I love buying children's books, especially when you can pick up such cheap ones secondhand :) have a wonderful Thanksgiving x

  2. I wish Savers was close to me.
    I live in Oklahoma now, but that was my favorite place when we lived in ARIZONA.
    All of my Family knows I will buy NOTHING for retail price unless I hunt it down like a mad-lady in a thrift shop first.


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