Monday, November 4, 2013

Fall Around Our House {2013}

I post pictures of seasonal decorating on my blog each year so that when I pull the boxes down for each holiday, I can look back and see how I decorated the year before and remember what worked and what I want to tweak. 

Every year I *think* I like it the way it is…but then I inevitably change it a little every subsequent year. :) Part of that is my tastes changing over time, and part of that is due to new things I find on clearance or at thrift stores or yard sales that I buy throughout the year and place in the attic until it’s time to bring them down again. 


So here’s how our house looks right now…
{p.s. I have NO clue why the formatting is so messed up – I’ve tried to fix it 3 times and it still won’t save my changes.  Sorry it’s a little mushed!}


Fall House Tour 2013 001     Fall House Tour 2013 004

…pumpkin: thrifted…orange bowl: gift from friend…


Fall House Tour 2013 005


Fall House Tour 2013 006     Fall House Tour 2013 007

…foliage and bowl: thrifted; candle: gift…corn: yard sale; bucket and filler: target dollar spot…

Fall House Tour 2013 010     Fall House Tour 2013 016

…acorn frame: CTS clearance; bowl and candle, gift; pods: Michael’s…
…kids’ q-tip art inspiration: Jones Design Company



Fall House Tour 2013 011

…faux leaves: thrifted; grapevine wreath: JoAnn’s…



Fall House Tour 2013 021

Loving this fun and functional chalkboard in our dining room!  Hopefully one of these days I’ll finally get the DIY details up!



Fall House Tour 2013 009

…faux berries: Michael’s…

Fall House Tour 2013 027

…fall garland: thrifted…

Fall House Tour and Joseph 066    

free printable in thrifted frame…

Fall House Tour and Joseph 061

…garland and banners: DIY…

Fall House Tour and Joseph 064

…tray: Goodwill; plate: Target clearance; berries: A.C.Moore (old); candle: free with coupon at Hallmark (old)…

Fall House Tour and Joseph 071

…garland: DIY…



Fall House Tour and Joseph 072

…free printable in thrifted frame; bird, lantern, faux fruit: thrifted; pods: Michael’s, runner: Wal-Mart (old)


Fall House Tour and Joseph 074

I just love the colors and words of this free printable!  Great for the month of November.



Fall House Tour and Joseph 076

The wreath is a DIY Ballard knock-off…another tutorial I should have posted ages ago but just don’t have the time right now with these two crazy kids of mine!


Well, that’s our house right now!  Hope you enjoyed the little tour! I love fall and get so, so excited for it every year!  And only a few more weeks til Thanksgiving…my very favorite holiday!  Hooray! :)


  1. you can... without a doubt, decorate for me anytime. anytime... i'd pay. ha. it's so creative! my brain just doesn't work this way when it comes to decor.

  2. I love it all. You are so good at pulling things together. And thrifted stuff has so much more personality than anything you can buy new.


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