Monday, October 7, 2013

Croup and Thrifting {aka Miscellany Monday}

Our week started out like this: last Sunday at church I noticed Luke coughing a bit.  He got progressively worse over the day and night {Sunday night being the worst}, and stayed home from school Monday and Tuesday.  By Wednesday he was well enough to go to school, though {this child has a super immune system, I swear}.  But by that time, I had a slight cold from being coughed at in my face over the previous 3 days.  {oh, motherhood!}  Whatever I had, Chris also got and came down with.  Simultaneously, Olivia, who had been teething already and had a runny nose, got a legit cold that turned into croup quickly. 


livi 014 


Friday saw us at the doctor’s office with a diagnosis of croup and a prescription for two steroids.  As of right now {Sunday afternoon when I type this}, she is napping and almost 100% – not quite there yet, but close.  The steroids worked super fast to open up her airways and stop that scary barking cough.  She still has the residues of a cold, and she’s not quite as happy as normal, but we’re getting there.  The steroid she’s on is intense and gives her a lot of trouble sleeping {I was on it when I had shingles and it gave me crazy nightmares} so I’ll be SO happy when she can take her last dose tomorrow!

I posted on Facebook that when my kids get sick like this I truly thank God for the day and age we live where childhood illnesses like this – even big time ones like congenital heart conditions – are not death sentences for my kids.  They are treatable and fixable.  I am sooooo grateful for that!


livi 023


Anyway, HOW does this tie in with thrifting?!  lol  By Friday night Luke was going bananas because with both parents sick most of the week {I was better by then – moms don’t really get to get sick, right?!} and Olivia needing waaaay more than her normal care, he was really needing some alone time.  So we went out Friday and then again Saturday, just the two of us, to do some errands and also hit up a church sale, a yard sale, and a local consignment store that I’d never visited before.

I don’t know how to say this without sounding weird, but sometimes when it’s just the two of us, my heart aches a little.  I miss giving all my time and attention to Luke.  I love Olivia so much she makes my heart hurt but I simultaneously sometimes long for the days when it was just me and my little buddy.  I don’t know how to word this without sounding like I wish she wasn’t here, because I love that girl more than life itself and she is totally the sunshine of my life.  So hopefully this makes sense.  Basically, it did us both good to be alone together. :)


livi 009


And we had a GREAT time!  Thankfully my little buddy loves going to yard sales with me {he always gets a 25 or 50-cent toy or book, so of course he loves it.  lol}. 

On Friday night we hit up a church sale with some 25 cent books {I am a total book nerd and I LOVE seasonal children’s books!  Allllllmost as much as I love decorating for the season. ;) }

thrifting 034


I also scored a gingham Children’s Place shirt for Luke for next year {pumpkin patch photo!} and a set of jammies for this year {$2 for all 3 pieces.}  The white plate was 50 cents to add to my white plate collection {you never know when you’ll accidentally drop one!} and Luke’s treat was a Mater car that he is obsessed with. 

thrifting 029


On Saturday after Luke’s haircut we stopped at a {new to me} kids’ and women’s consignment store.  I found a few things for myself, including a $6 Vera ID case that I am in love with.  I have wanted one for years and I seriously *never* splurge on myself.  This was a great price I couldn’t pass up and it will be perfect for yard sales so I can just clip it to my keys!  Yay!

thrifting 026   thrifting 028


This store was also having a 25 cent book sale so we stocked up on some more!  Seriously.  I am such a sucker for kids’ books!

thrifting 033


Lastly, we went to a yard sale.  Do you ever go to a yard sale and think, “Darn it, I should have been here when they opened!”  These people had adorable stuff and SO CHEAP.  By the time I got there it was about 1:30 pm and the husband told me they’d had literally hundreds of people stop by.  They live on a very busy main road so I totally believe it!  I can just tell by what they had left that I would have reallllly spent a lot of money at 9 am.  lol

I love when I find organizational things at yard sales!  You can always find a place for them around the house. 

Kitchenaid drawer organizers – 25 cents for the 3 piece set!

thrifting 023


Necklace was 50 cents, cosmetic bags were 50 cents for both, and scarf was 50 cents too. 

thrifting 024


Small basket 25 cents,  large was $1 and Tupperware for the bath {to rinse the kids’ hair} was also 25.   Hooks and belt hanger were 25 cents each too. 


thrifting 036


We stayed home from church this morning, obviously, so we’ve just had a nice relaxing day as a family.  My husband let me sleep in, which was SO needed, and then he took a nap, and then I made one of our favorites, Dirty Rice {via Southern Plate}, and my parents stopped by for lunch after their church got out. 

It’s a cloudy fall afternoon here and I’m just sipping my pumpkin spice coffee as I sit and type.  I have homemade bread crumbs in the oven and I have some frozen bananas thawing on the counter to make banana chocolate chip muffins with a bit later.  It’s been so nice to finally have a day where we’re not all feeling like we got beat up and to just be here and relax. 

Here’s to a great, healthy week!

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  1. So glad everyone is feeling better! Croup is not fun!

    I am the same way about kids books at thrift stores/yard sales. I haven't been thrifting for probably a month or more and I'm getting antsy to go find more books :)


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