Monday, August 26, 2013

Giveaway Day! {Evelyn’s Shoppe}

Hey everybody!  I am back from a long(ish) absence with an awesome giveaway for you.  Megan is one of my sister’s best friends, and even though we live in different states and we’ve never actually met, I feel like I know her from my sister’s stories (lol!).  She is a mom of two precious children – a toddler and a newborn - who somehow also manages to find the time to run her own home business (amazing). 

Megan owns Evelyn’s Shoppe, an adorable Etsy shop that features her beautiful handmade scarves.  She sent me one and  It’s super soft – not itchy or with random weird threads like some scarves in my closet!  The fabric is fantastic and something you actually want to have wrapped around your neck all day. 

I picked out the Gray and White Striped Eternity Scarf and I am in love with it:

 Gray & White Striped Eternity Scarf


Here’s what the fabric looks like flat….and wrapped (I was not having a good hair day when I took these photos – hence why my candlestick became my model. lol)

3-Ingredient Laundry Soap with Ivory 002   3-Ingredient Laundry Soap with Ivory 003


I think it’s adorable that she had her own tags made up! 

3-Ingredient Laundry Soap with Ivory 006


Megan sells “summer” and “winter” scarves in her shop – you can read the item description if you’re not sure how thick the fabric is.  I asked her about mine and she was totally upfront with me that the one I picked was more of a summer scarf and more decorative (as opposed to thick and warm to wear under a coat).  Fine by me, though - I plan on wearing it all year round! 


{Sidenote: Can I tell you one of my tricks to staying sane during the Christmas season?  Buying ahead.    I didn’t used to do this, and would come to December with a huge list of presents to buy and be totally overwhelmed.  Now I start as early as July and start setting things aside as I see them – and as they go on sale.  By the time December actually rolls around, I usually only have a few gifts and stocking stuffers left to purchase.  It makes me so happy knowing there’s a box full of Christmas gifts sitting under my bed in September! :) }


So…the great thing about today’s giveaway is that I think anyone and everyone can benefit from it! Either you’ll love the scarves and want to buy one for yourself (pretty sure that will happen), or if you’re not a scarf person, you’ll know someone on your list that would love one of these beautiful scarves and you can cross someone off your Christmas list IN AUGUST.  Think of how good THAT will feel! Can I get an amen?! 


Here are a few more of my favorites:

Peacock Printed Eternity Scarf (love these colors) -

Peacock Printed Eternity Scarf


Cream Knit Eternity Scarf (how cozy does this look?!) -


Brown Floral Eternity Scarf (I just think the color combo is so feminine) -

Brown Floral Eternity Scarf


Don’t tell my mother-in-law, but she’s totally getting either the cream or the peacock scarf for Christmas! :)

P.S. For those of you that know my sister, yes, she is a model for some of the photos! :)


Megan’s also running a promotion through the end of August where you can get 10% off using the code BACK2SCHOOL10 in the checkout code.  So if you don’t end up being the lucky winner, you can still get a discount on one of these lovely accessories.   You can also follow Evelyn’s Shoppe on Facebook to see when new scarves are listed online. 

So…onto the giveaway!  I’m using Rafflecopter again…I love how automated and easy it is.  

Enter this giveaway to win a a free scarf of your choice from Evelyn’s Shoppe (good toward any scarf priced $18 or under, with free shipping!) 

Good luck!  Giveaway ends this Thursday, August 29th, and I’ll announce the winner on August 28th!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. When my sister was here, we went shopping and she got an infinity scarf and I loved it! How funny that you're doing this giveaway! LOVE!

  2. What a fun giveaway!
    And, I am loving the fresh new look! It's so happy and beautiful!

  3. Love these scarves, so beautiful!


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