Friday, August 2, 2013

Five on Friday {First One!}

Oooooh it doesn’t matter how old you are – Fridays are just universally awesome, aren’t they?!  I decided to join in on this fun party I keep seeing other girls participating in…so let’s jump right in!


{1}  A few weeks ago Money Saving Mom published a submission of mine (cue jumping up and down on the phone as I called my husband) and I was “paid” with an Amazon gift card.  I used some of my money to buy this (sorry about the glare!!)…


scoot and sp 003      scoot and sp 005

I am totally in love with my new cookbook!!  I discovered Christy Jordan (she blogs at Southern Plate) a few months ago and I just LOVE her!  She is SO cute and down to earth.  Her “Dirty Rice” recipe is one of our new household staples.  So far, from her book, I’ve made her meatloaf and her macaroni and cheese.  DELISH!  (Her meatloaf tastes just like Cracker Barrel’s!)  I also tried her Chocolate Cobbler recipe but couldn’t get it to set up right so I’ll have to try it again in the future.  Her recipes are simple, with normal, easy-to-find ingredients.  I love that.  PLUS, every one comes with a story behind it.  I really enjoyed reading through it!  It’s like a cookbook and family memoir in one. 


{2} A friend introduced me to the show Call the Midwife on PBS.  You guys!  It’s so good!  It’s based on the memoirs of a nurse/midwife from the 1950’s in London.  It’s fascinating and I’ve laughed and cried at the episodes!  It’s a great show on it’s own, but it’s also a good filler for those of us in Downton Abbey withdrawal.  ;)  I watched Season 1 on Netflix and they have Season 2 on PBS for free right now!




{3}  Ummmmm….THIS GIRL. 



Seriously?  Baby espadrilles?!  I die.  She is 6 months old and the happiest baby we have ever met.  And no, we really aren’t biased – a million people have told us they’ve never met a happier or more smiley baby.  I know people always make comments about a little girl having her daddy wrapped around her little finger, but she has melted my heart just as much as his.  I just seriously adore her.


{4} This week I went to a Tailgate Swap Party with some friends!  My friend Mary blogged about it here (and if you think it’s a good idea, pin the photo from her site!  Pinterest has WAY too many of the same pins circulating around, if you ask me! lol).  Basically, we all loaded up our cars with stuff we didn’t want, met at a playground parking lot, and “shopped” each others’ cars – for free!! It was SO. MUCH. FUN.  I got rid of a ton of stuff and came home with some treasures…



kitchen items – including a stainless All-Clad skillet?!  Yes please!!! 


Tailgate-Swap-Party-004_thumb1     Tailgate-Swap-Party-008_thumb1

Melissa and Doug puzzles, kids’ crafts, baby clothes…


Tailgate-Swap-Party-006_thumb1    Tailgate-Swap-Party-009_thumb1

books, magazines, things for mommy….



even a Swiffer and some outside items. 

Seriously, what a blast.  Any one of these items would have made me happy, but all of them for free?  It was a good day. :)


{5} Monday is our 7-year anniversary, and Saturday night we’re going out on a date!!! I think it’s our first one since May?  Or April?!  Regardless, it’s been a LONG time and I am sooooo ridiculously excited!  We’re going to a local restaurant and hopefully eating outside (my fave) if the weather holds up!  Whoo hoo!


P.S. I just signed up to be an Amazon Affiliate, since they finally allow Connecticut residents to participate!  Yay!  This post contains referral links, and if you click on the link to purchase, I earn a very small percentage!  I will always and forever only recommend things I love (otherwise how embarrassing would that be?!)  Just wanted to let you know!



  1. Yay for being published on Money Saving Mom!!!

  2. I need to start watching Call the Midwife. Have been meaning to start the first season. And wow, 6 months already?! That picture is adorable. What a cute smile.

  3. Christy Jordan is amazing! I love all her recipes! She lives just like 25 minutes from me, so I've gotten to meet her several times. She is so down to earth and treats everyone like a old friend.

    Olivia is adorable! Can't believe she's 6 months old!

    1. OH MY GOSH are you serious?! I am so jealous right now! :) Wow! How awesome to know that she's just as nice in real life as she seems online. :)

  4. HI THERE! What a fun post! I will check out this cook a new recipe! I love swaps too...everyone WINS! Happy Anniversary too! AND...six months old...time goes by in a WINK!

  5. That show looks great! I'll have to start soon, and that baby of yours is too cute! Miss my baby O!


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