Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Valentine’s Decor Around My House {2013}

Before I start, let me just say that if good quality photos are important to you, you’re gonna want to skip right over this post from me.  It has been cloudy here for 3 straight days, and since “She was patient” will never be inscribed on my gravestone, I decided to just wing it. 

So cloudy days combined with my cheapo camera combined with my stellar horrible photography skills…well just don’t say I didn’t warn you! :)

I am totally one of those people who’s like, “Oh, I’m having a baby soon?!  Clearly I must do something non-important and totally non-essential to prepare myself well for this life-changing event.”  haha!  I can’t explain why it was so important for me to decorate for Valentine’s Day, but having the house dressed up for the pink holiday somehow makes me able to complete on other, more crucial tasks…you know, like getting a hospital bag ready or putting baby sheets on the crib.  It’s like cleaning the cobwebs from my brain.  So weird but that’s how I’ve always been. 

So here we go!  Everything is super simple, probably thrifted, and mostly pink.  Red looks great in other people’s houses but it is not my color at all so you won’t see it here!

Here’s my “mantel” for Valentine’s:

valentines decor 2013 007


My mom was getting rid of the old milk-glass vases and I thought they would look cute here.  I made the easy rosette out of felt for a pop of pink.


valentines decor 2013 008


The “XOXO” is one of my fave TJ Maxx finds ever from years ago and I made the typewriter prints two years ago.  You can’t tell from the picture but they are actually covered with pink translucent paper.  If you are a Moulin Rouge fan you will notice that they are both quotes from songs they sing in the movie – and the typewriter font is a nod to Ewan MacGregror’s character.  “Come What May” was sung at our wedding so I love seeing some of those words printed out!

valentines decor 2013 010


The little birdie is from Target last year and the pink plate was thrifted. 

valentines decor 2013 011


Luke painted this little heart last year and I plan on pulling it out every year until he hates me for it.  haha!

valentines decor 2013 012


Over the computer I made a simple little heart banner using a punch and that adorable wrapping paper from the Dollar Spot at Target this year.  It’s just taped to pink embroidery thread. 

valentines decor 2013 001


I did the same garland for the kitchen chalkboard and added one of our favorite verses to it. 


valentines decor 2013 016


The words above the kitchen sink were inspired by a print I saw from Jones Design Company.  Polka dots are so cheerful, aren’t they?! :)


valentines decor 2013 014


In the dining room I added this adorable felted-heart ribbon that’s also from the Target Dollar Spot.  They had such cute stuff this year!

valentines decor 2013 002


I finally got to use my pink tablecloth that I found at a church sale last spring!  It might be a little tacky but we do SO much at our kitchen table that having vinyl with a 3-year-old is really a lifesaver.  Oh and I totally know you’re jealous of the Cat in the Hat puzzle.  I contemplated taking it apart but realized it realllllly wasn’t worth it to me.  haha!

valentines decor 2013 018


In our bathroom I just have this little free printable (which I LOVE) and a simple cylinder wrapped in pink tulle and secured with a bobby pin.  And sorry if you’re cringing over the flash – but our bathroom has no windows since it’s in the middle of our house.  Flash was the only way to show you the true colors!

valentines decor 2013 004


Lastly (okay really firstly) is our front door.  I wanted SUPER simple so I just fashioned some simple pink and white felt rosettes and then hot-glued them right to the wreath form.  It’s so simple and I love it.  It got all whited out but you can see the detail in the second picture. 

valentines decor 2013 006

valentines decor 2013 005


And that’s pretty much it!  I’m happy to have a little bit of pink around the house to enjoy for a while!  And to welcome my baby girl home to in EIGHT DAYS! Whooo!!


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  1. beautiful! I love it all! And you are SO good at making those little felt rosettes - you could sell them!

  2. Fun to see some non-red decorations because red doesn't really fit in my house either. And yay for your girl arriving soon!!

  3. Love it - so simple but beautiful!

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