Monday, December 5, 2011

Our Fun Weekend

What a fun family weekend we had together! 

On Saturday morning, I made pumpkin pancakes for all of us (Luke calls them “caycakes” and they are one of his most favorite things to eat.  Plus I love hearing him say that, so it’s a win-win.  lol)

tree weekend 005(My boy is always in motion.)

Then we loaded up in the car and headed for the tree farm!

We had decided that we weren’t even going to mention the animals there to Luke until after we got our tree (see last post!), but unfortunately he heard some of the dogs barking before we got down to the field.  Pretty sure he said “Doggie!” about 17,000 times while we were looking for the right tree.  Luke may or may not have gotten spanked in the Christmas tree field.  Yay for happy family memories!! haha (But hey, you try finding a run-away toddler in a a giant field of trees!  He kept trying to run away to the dog, even after we told him “not yet” repeatedly – unfortunately it had to be done.)

tree weekend 009

tree weekend 011

tree weekend 012

We did let him play with the dogs and see the chickens after we paid, though. (He calls chickens “chichens” right now.  So cute.)

tree weekend 013


tree weekend 021

After we got our tree, we decided to go to Five Guys for lunch since we were starving.  My husband loooooooooooves that place (burgers and fries and root beer are his love languages), and one recently opened up somewhat near our house. 

tree weekend 023

Not gonna lie, girls…..I enjoyed every last bite.  I got mine with grilled onions, grilled mushrooms, and barbeque sauce.  Delish. :)

We came home and set up the tree while Luke took his nap.  I listened to Harry Connick’s Christmas cds while I put on the ornaments.  It just feels sacrilegious to NOT listen to Christmas music while you decorate your tree, doesn’t it? 

We had leftover chili for dinner and then after Luke went to bed Chris humored me by watching The Family Stone with me.  I looooove that movie.  I’ve seen it probably 5 times now…and it just.never.gets.old.  I love movies that can make me laugh AND cry.  Chris asked me why I love it so much…I love the beautiful New England house, how crazy the family is, how much they all love each other, how it’s funny and sad at the same time, how it’s about Christmas time, how it stars Rachel McAdams……do I need to go on?!  (Chris calls her my “girl crush” lol).  We turned off all the lights and I made hot chocolate and we sat there together.  And of course I cried at the end. 

tree weekend 026

I told Chris he was allowed to play a game on his phone as long as he sat next to me so I could lean on him.  hahaha!  He did play a game for about the first 20 minutes but then he turned it off and watched it with me.  :)

Yesterday we stayed home from church because Luke’s nose has been really nasty and runny lately so we certainly weren’t sending him to the church nursery.  I was contemplating going by myself so that I could go to choir practice, but I keep waking up with a really bad sore throat in the morning (??) so I decided not to go either.  We just had a lazy morning together, playing with Luke and organizing the playroom some more.  It was great.  This afternoon I did run a few errands by myself though – I went to 9 stores allllll by myself!  It was glorious. 

I did a little bit of all different kinds of shopping (groceries, home stores, etc.) – I stopped at Michaels to get ribbon for our tree topper and some pretty glittery berries to make garlands out of (like my fall garlands here).  I am really into glittery reds, greens, and whites this year.  (Doesn’t that ribbon totally make you think of Dorothy’s ruby slippers?!)

tree weekend 033 

I popped into Hallmark to find Luke his yearly ornament.  I ended up finding this George one – perfect for my boy!  It only ended up costing me $4 and change after coupons.  I let him hold it when I came home AND it’s already broken.  Yup.  Hopefully hot-glueable, though.  Just keepin’ it real!

tree weekend 032

I also stopped at Home Goods and ending up spending my birthday money from my grandmother there.  I picked up this giant corkboard frame:

tree weekend 034


Isn’t she SO pretty?!! I have been wanting something for the empty space above our phone and answering machine.  I know what you’re thinking:  Why wouldn’t you just make one? 

Well truth is….I just don’t feel like it.  hahaha!  I love this color and I love how heavy and solid it is.  I wouldn’t be able to spray paint well for a few more months since it’s cold outside and spray paint doesn’t set well when it’s cold like this.  I love it, I had the money to spend, I bought it, the end, amen.

Today I think Luke and I are going to spend a day at home.  I intentionally plan on at least one day a week to be at home (both to save gas and to give Luke a break and to get stuff done).  I always schedule it on days when Chris isn’t working overtime, though….because otherwise mama starts to feel a litttttttle bit crazy by 5:30! 

Have a great day, everyone!


  1. I know a little girl that would love that George ornament! Sounds like a great weekend! Ours was, too!

  2. i love seeing a pic of your boy eating! this is good news! : )

    and five guys... definitely worth the calories. good thing my Hunter can't eat there because of allergies, otherwise i'd eat it way more than i should!

  3. A wonderful weekend FOR SURE! So much going on.
    I like that movie too...crazy, a bit dysfunctional, is true to life sister!! KEEP IT REAL!

    OH! AND, I would be remiss if I did not say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!


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