Thursday, October 27, 2011

31 Days to a Cleaner Diet {18}: Fridge and Freezer VLOG! {Part One}

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I finally did it!  I finally made a vlog. :) I’m definitely NOT  fan of watching myself on video (to put it mildly!), but I thought it would be a fun idea for you to see what’s in my fridge and freezer.  Oh, and guys?!  The original video was twenty-two minutes long.  Soooooo glad I found out about YouTube’s length policy after waiting SIX hours to upload that sucker.    Holy moly.  Thankfully my amazing husband was able to splice the video so you can view it in two parts now!  {First part is about 10 minutes; second part is about 12 or so. Apparently I have a lot to say! lol The second part will not be able to be viewed until tomorrow (which is Friday, depending on when you’re reading this). So check back for a second post then.}

Anyway, you will not see a perfectly clean fridge or freezer – far from it!  This is my real-life situation and the foods we’re currently eating.  And no, I didn’t have a chance to talk about everything in there, clearly.

Are you prepared for this?! lol  {Oh and yes, I look like a thug.  I explain that. :) }


A few clarifications (for part one and part two):

- Rachael Ray looks into people’s fridges, not their kitchens. Duh. :)

- When I said “if you’re going to buy one thing organic, buy spinach and lettuce,”  I was referring to organic produce as a whole.  I personally would choose to buy organic milk first as far as the whole realm of organic products is concerned.  

- Also, I ADORE my husband and I will happily tell the world that.  :) I didn’t mean to sound disrespectful to him when I was talking about the milk issue.  I hope that was clear. 

- Spicy Black Bean Enchilada and Tuscan Veggie bake are the two Kashi entrees I really enjoy that I couldn’t think of off the top of my head. 

- I just want to be clear that when I buy veggies in a steamer bag (like the corn) or when I buy the Kashi frozen entrees, I do not heat them in the microwave as indicated.  Really try to avoid heating plastic whenever possible (as in, never ever if you can help it); there are harmful chemicals in plastic that will be leached in to your food.  I just open the bag of veggies and put it in my steamer, or I pop out the frozen entrée and put it in a small frying pan with a little bit of water and cover it. 

I think that covers it!  :)


  1. You crack me up! I got a lot of info from that vlog. Makes me want to go out and restock my fridge the healthier and cleaner right now.

  2. Can you get Bull's Eye BBQ sauce where you are? My husband and I stood in the store aisle looking at every single brand only to discover that Bull's Eye is the only brand in our store that does not contain HFCS.

  3. Loved getting to "see" you! You are awesome and I enjoyed this vlog and your "realness". I don't like seeing myself either (C: Guess we probably need to get over it (C: Thanks for the info. I'm sitting here making my grocery list as I watch these and have been thinking "what change will I make this week"


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