Monday, October 17, 2011

31 Days to a Cleaner Diet {10}: Do ONE Thing.

{For all of you who couldn’t sleep all weekend because you were going to get to watch a video of me today (ha!) I’m postponing it til next week for a variety of reasons.  Sorry!}

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Today’s post is short and sweet. 

We’ve been talking about clean eating for about 18 years 2 weeks now. 

We’re halfway through our month, and I have a challenge for you. 

The challenge is for you to make ONE significant, not-going-back change in your diet, TODAY. 

Maybe you will finally stop putting Splenda in  your coffee and replace it with sugar instead (white sugar isn’t exactly a health food, but it’s better than the chemical mix you’re currently eating).  And I promise you won’t die or get fat when you switch over (I’ve been there!).  Honest.

Maybe today you will go to the store and buy organic milk for the first time. 

Maybe today you will decide to start buying natural peanut butter instead of the regular stuff (I promise when you make your kids PB&J they will never notice the difference once all the jelly is slathered on). 

Maybe today you will pick up that loaf of wheat bread instead of your usual white.

Maybe today is the day you finally stop buying that super sugary multi-colored cereal that you’ve always felt a little guilty about anyway.  

Maybe today you stop buying the Aunt Jemima and pay for that bottle of real maple syrup. 

Maybe today you make the choice to buy the more expensive meat, because you know it’s in the best interest of your body, your family, and the world. 

I challenge you to make that ONE change – and don’t look back! 

What’s ONE thing – small or big - that you can do TODAY towards your goal of cleaner eating?

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  1. TODAY, I'm making those breakfast bars (recipe from your blog) for my kids so they have something easy (for me) and yet more nutritious than the boxed kind!

  2. I buy organic 2% milk now.
    I just talked to my neighbor who as chickens about regularly buying her eggs. Til now she just gave me a surplus. So for real farm fresh eggs are mine!
    And that's just all I can think of right now. :o) But I have made changes!

  3. I bought wild salmon today just for you Jessica! ha. It's funny I always buy organic beef and chicken but hadn't given much thought to seafood. I usually get what is cheaper but after your post last week I decided we will only eat the wild now. The wild was $11.49lb at stop and shop and the farm raised was $8.49lb. I have to say the wild salmon tasted SO much better than the farm raised!

  4. How funny since I just went shopping today and did A LOT of "thinking"....

    first off, you mentioned getting rid of splenda...I change I made was to quit buying "white" sugar and I now buy organic cane sugar, either in the bulk section of our winco store or at Costco.

    TODAY...I bought 5lbs of White Whole Wheat Flour...after searching 3 different stores for it. I also bought some Organic wheat tortillas for my hubby's lunches (I make him wraps). I typically use wheat or white unbleached flour, but have been wanting to try the White Whole Wheat

    I did look at some organic meats, but that will have to be for another day. I went to two stores that sell tons of organic products and dreamed of a day when I can shop at these stores exclusively....I'd love to!

  5. I absolutely love this approach. Most people don't get somewhere because they don't get started. Take one step. We never get anywhere except but by one step at a time.

    I'm trying to convince myself to eat grated-carrot salads more often even if it is somewhat of a pain to wash so many carrots. It's filling, good for me, and organic carrots are very inexpensive.

    ~ Raederle


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