Monday, February 7, 2011

Super-Cheap Valentine’s Day Crafts {1 of 2}

I have two ridiculously easy V-Day crafts to share with you all today, and for the ease of linking later, I’ve decided to split them into 2 separate posts.  For the second post, click here

Sometimes it drives me a little crazy when I read about bloggers who make “super-cheap” (aka $30-$50 crafts) every week.  I’m not saying that you can’t splurge to do something nice for your home, but I think most of us just don’t have that kind of money!  So I thought and I thought, and I blew that house down came up with some easy Valentine’s Day crafts that you could literally pay for with spare change. 

Framed Chipboard Letters

Supplies needed: 

- Chipboard sticker letters (3 packs for $1 in the Target Dollar Spot)
- 3 pieces of scrapbook paper (I got mine 4/$1 this week at Michaels)
- Dollar Store frame
- Goodwill frame ($.49)
- Scotch tape

Total: $3.50 for both! (Plus plenty of extra stickers and paper to use later)

Version 1:

 feb 2010 042

feb 2010 026 feb 2010 027

This sparkly frame came with a picture hanger screwed to the top – easy to take off!  I just cut out computer paper to put behind the stickers.  Also, I’m sure you won’t be able to see unless you enlarge the picture on the right, but I put a teeny pencil mark under each letter when I had it the way I wanted it.  That way, when I peeled the sticker backing off each one, I knew exactly where I wanted it to go in advance. 

Version 2:

 feb 2010 044

feb 2010 013 feb 2010 014

feb 2010 015

Cut your scrapbooking paper/cardstock to desired lengths, and place your letters however you’d like.  I decided to raise the “O” to make it a little bit more interesting.  I purposely affixed the papers with Scotch tape and not glue so that it would be more 3-dimensional, which is also why I didn’t put the glass back in.

And here are my pretty little girls together. ;) 

feb 2010 050

SO easy, right?  You could totally do this with kids of all ages!

Check out the second part of this post for more cheap Valentine’s ideas!

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  1. LOVE these - super cute! I know just what you mean about those *other* crafters - hahaha - some of their projects are GORGEOUS but you either need a Sillouette machine, or tools to cut out wood or any other assortment of fancy, expensive tools ... NONE of which I have! =) I did some cheap Valentine framing myself this week - I'll show ya when you come for music. =)

  2. This is really my kind of craft. It's so economical and I love that. Sometimes, it's great to do something quick and easy and if there comes a time when you don't want the pictures anymore, you're not out much and can sell them on a garage sale. I honestly don't have the room right now to have larger projects laying around. These are perfect. Also, while I'm on roll here...I just want to say that I am not one to do a craft or project just for the sake of doing one. I have to have a need for the project. Doing something just to have something to blog about doesn't work into my schedule or pocketbook!

    This craft and the other Valentine project you posted are PERFECT for me. Thank you! I plan on doing both (if I can find those chipboard packs at my local Target!)

    Thanks bunches!!


  3. Both of these are so charming! Thanks for sharing quick and easy crafts!


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