Thursday, February 24, 2011

Blogs I Love: Design-Loving Moms

Hey everybody! I have to say, I honestly was a little shocked that after 10 days of not posting, I haven’t lost any followers.  lol  Thanks for sticking with me!  We have had a crazy couple of weeks over here – we found out that our short sale did not go through, and then we put in a bid on a foreclosure that we LOVED only to find out last Friday that we were out-bid.  We spent the long weekend in PA, and then Luke got a nasty stomach bug so I have been busy and just not in the right frame of mind to blog.

I still don’t have a lot to say right now (actually the opposite is true; I have a lot to say but can’t really formulate it all into words right now).  So, to tide you over until my next post (because clearly you’re all on the edge of your seats, haha), I thought I’d share some of my most favorite “everyday” design-loving mom blogs with you all.  I mean “everyday” in a nice way – as in, these are moms who are just doing the regular mom thing but I find them extremely fascinating, creative, and talented.  Home design is such a fun hobby for me, and a lot of the blogs I read are design-related in some respect.  When I find a mom blogger who also posts great pictures of her house, I consider it a win-win. ;) I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do – who knows, maybe you’ll find a new favorite blog today! :)

{All pictures are taken from the respective blogs.}

320 Sycamore

december 2010 032 1

Melissa has incredible home design taste.  She has a superb eye for taking inexpensive or worn-out items and making them look like a million bucks.  She did a great series on motherhood last May that really encouraged me.  One of my most favorite bloggers ever. 

Bless Our Nest

Shannon has a bit different design taste than I do, but I still love looking at her beautiful home and getting ideas.  Her baby boy has one of the cutest smiles I’ve ever seen and she posts pictures of him often. ;)

Cowboy Phraseology

Katie is relatively new to blogging but I love when she posts pictures of her home’s soothing palate.  Her home is uncluttered and I find that refreshing. 

Buzzings of a Queen Bee

I could go on and on and on and on about how talented I think Carrie is.  She is currently busy making their new rental home look ridiculously, utterly fabulous.  I am constantly wowed by her home design taste.  Also one of my most favorite bloggers. 


Do you already read any of these lovely ladies’ blogs?  I am always open to blog suggestions, as well – so feel free to share!

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