Monday, July 12, 2010

Thrifty Finds - 7/12/10

I had some great finds recently at Volunteers of America and our local Salvation Army (which is usually pretty crappy, so I was excited!).

From Volunteers of America’s 50% off day (their pricing is SO weird):

5 milk glass bowls -- $.15 each

luke's first b-day 238

Twine-looking photo frame (for my beachy bathroom) - $.45

luke's first b-day 242

Cool vintage Pyrex bowl – $.96

luke's first b-day 245

4 orange placemats for Luke’s party -- $.45 each

luke's first b-day 244

2 Kerr canning jars (I also used these for the party; you’ll see them in the party post!) – $.30 each

luke's first b-day 240

AE hoodie – $2.50

luke's first b-day 247

Tommy Hilfiger wedges - $1.46 (There’s some black marks but they’re covered by my feet when I wear them - I am in love with these!)

luke's first b-day 237

Wire basket (used this to caddy supplies at the party) – $.60

luke's first b-day 239

From Salvation Army:

Cute plate – 99 cents (another instance where knowing French would have helped – I was going to display this in my kitchen until I realized “le bain” means “the bathroom!” lol)

luke's first b-day 241

Chunky whitewashed frame (I just popped in one of my favorite paintings) – 99 cents

luke's first b-day 243

Glass canister – 99 cents

luke's first b-day 246

I love thrifting! :)

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  1. You always find the cheapest sales,stuff around my parts is not that cheap even at a thrift store or yard sale!

  2. wow wow wow

    those are some fun finds!

    Sincerely ~ Trish

  3. Those are some great finds!! Good for you. Love those shoes too. Thanks for joining the party.

  4. These are ALL fabulous finds, Jessica! The prices are unreal, too. Our thrift stores around here- Salvation Army and Goodwill- think they are regular retail stores. Ridiculously overpriced in comparison to what I see bloggers from other parts of the country post. I do much better at yard sales, even estate sales. Thanks for stopping by today.
    :-) Sue

  5. Great finds again!! I'd like to tag along the next time you go shopping!

  6. Those are really unique prices I lovee the shoes. The twine photoframe would look great in a beachy bedroom :)

  7. Jessica,
    Wow, you found some neat things for next to nothing! I love that set of milk glass bowls. I haven't been thrifting in a while, but now I want to go after seeing your haul. Good job!


  8. you found some really cute things! I love the shoes and even the bathroom plate!

  9. First, you desperately make me want to go thrifting, yard-saling, etc. Second, I can't wait for the party post! :)

  10. Lovin all your finds this week!!! Can't wait to see his party!

  11. you got some great stuff, and i cracked up at the "knowing french" comment. good thing you figured out what it said before you put it up, altho most people wouldn't know. if it was in your kitchen, i bet people would think that's where it belongs!

    thanks so much for stopping by the cape on the corner, and for your comment about my cloche post. glad you liked it!!

  12. Bwahahaha...laughing at "le bain." ;)

    You have some really great buys this week! I love the milkglass bowls. Those are so nice and classic looking. :)

    Thanks so much for the visit today!

  13. Good finds! Love the Pyrex bowl. And the wire basket.

  14. These are fun finds! I especially like the little bowls.
    If you make the zucchini parm tonight, I'd love to know how it turned out for you!

  15. Wow - what great finds. I love it all. Those shoes are great. I love wedges and the hell height is just right. It's hard to find shoes that are that height.

    Very cute! Your beachy bathroom sounds so adorable. I just redid mine in a beachy theme too. So fun!


  16. Even at full price those would have been great deals. You scored!

  17. wow!! you make me wanna go thriftin' right now!! i love to go!! it's addicting!!

    visiting from tales from bloggeritaville

  18. You found some great stuff! I really like the twine frame.

  19. I am lovin' that Le Bain dish! Sooo cute! Love the wire basket too! Great finds!!

  20. Hey! I'm visiting from New Friend Friday, your site is SO cute! And I love all the bargains to found! I am a new wife and trying to be a thrifty shopper.

    Following You


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