Friday, February 26, 2010

Buying Groceries At the Drugstores

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In the past two weeks, I've really gotten back into the drugstore game (see the list on the right side of my blog for the frugal links I use daily). I used to get nearly all of our toiletries at CVS for basically free 2-3 years ago, but then the economy turned and CVS got a lot stingier with their deals. Anyway, the past two weeks they've been too good for me to pass up and I'm pretty thrilled with the stuff I've been able to snag!

I never used to shop at Walgreens, but I started this month and I really like it! I've made a couple "newbie" mistakes, but I think after 3 times of shopping there I've finally figured out my kinks! Here's what I got this week (clearance candy was a filler item).

(Scroll to the bottom to see how much I paid!)

One thing I want to point out is that you shouldn't overlook grocery purchases at the drugstores! I've already written about how Target has become a favorite place to shop for groceries on the cheap, and CVS and Walgreens are no exception.

For instance, this week there was a sale at CVS for Bumble Bee Tuna for $.49 a can. There were $1/5 internet coupons floating around, but I found two cans at my CVS with peelie coupons on them for the same price. Limit was 10, so I got ten cans of tuna for $2.90 - $.29 each! That's cheaper than Aldi's! (If you think you could never get used to Chunk Light tuna, like I used to think, I encourage you to look at the ingredient list
on Chunk White tuna - it might change your mind!)

At Walgreens, there was a deal for Hunt's tomato sauce for $.39 a can. This is not cheaper than Aldi's ($.25), but still a great price - especially since I needed filler items - this worked out perfectly! (I would have bought more but the limit was 3.)
I always scan the food aisles in CVS while I'm there - you can combine a food item on clearance with a manufacturer's coupon for a great deal!

Also, pay attention to other great deals, even if they're NOT Extra Bucks or Register Reward items! I have never shopped at Rite Aid in my life, but I saw that this week Kleenex was on sale for 88 cents a box. Combined with my $1/4 coupon, that made them only 63 cents each! That falls below my price goal for 70 cents per box of tissues. I don't live near Kroger, Harris Teeter, Shop Rite, or any other amazing grocery store - so in my part of the country this is a great price. (I shopped at Kroger in college and the first year we were married - in my opinion it's the best grocery chain! They always had markdowns on fruits, meats, and organic items. I miss it!)

Like I said, I made two rookie mistakes this week at Walgreens, but overall I'm still satisfied. I'm still learning!

So, do you want to know how much I spent on the above picture? $2.65, plus I was given $6 RR back!

And want to know why the Olay is circled? Because thanks to the $15 rebate I'm sure you've seen all over the internet (I did an Olay deal a few weeks ago, too), I'm getting a $15 check in the mail, which makes it all more than freeeeee! :)

Music to my ears, baby!

P.S. Check out Amy's blog - she posted about a Tupperware item that I think is pretty neat! She said she wants to do a giveaway soon so stay tuned!

*Update: the giveaway is above - go enter!*


  1. I need someone to teach me a lesson on couponing!

  2. Your savings are awesome. I've tried to go into my CVS and Walgreens, but they never have the items that are advertised. I think I have to be quicker!

  3. I need someone to teach me a lesson on couponing too! I've heard about it and i kind of understand it, but i dont' really know how to do it. I shop at Aldi's mostly and Super Walmart because it's close to my house.

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