Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fall Party Time!

--Luke sleeping peacefully after church on Sunday --

I absolutely love the fall and decorating for it. My living room has a lot of brown, red, and gold in it anyway, so fall items blend well with in this room if I do say so myself! I should be napping right now, since I've gotten about 0 hours of sleep in the last few days, but I've tried twice today to nap and I couldn't fall asleep. It doesn't help that our neighbors are putting an addition on and their dog, Coco, likes to bark at every hammer strike. Luke, on the other hand, has no problem sleeping through the noise. (Yes, I'm more than a little jealous!) I decided I'd better get these pictures up while my blurry eyes can still read the screen.

Two thrifted plates with some filler from my bridal registry thrown in. I never realized until this year how perfect it was for fall! I really don't like arrangements without some kind of personal touch to them (lol - ironic, given the picture above!). Although this one doesn't have a picture included, the orange-tinted calla lily above was a wedding gift from my uncle who is a professional photographer in NYC. Love it.

The pears are actually in the jar all year round (except at Christmas) - I just added the little berry garland. And yes, that is a giant peanut tin from Wal-Mart underneath, which houses my ribbon collection. Thanks for noticing!

Coffee table. Have a baby, and you too can fill your ceramic leaf with a baby ear thermometer, a headband, and ear plugs.

Candy corn doesn't make it long around here! (I know exactly how many I can have for one Weight Watcher's point! lol)

Bookshelf - apothecary jar and leaf plate are also surrounded with more of that scented filler. The filler and the candle to the left were from the Nate Berkus (love him!) collection at Linens 'n' Things before it bit the dust. I registered for both of those items, and I kid you not, that candle spent about two years without being lit. I don't know what I was afraid of - I guess ruining it? (My mom does like to laugh about the fact that on the first day of 2nd grade, I walked all the way up the road to the bus stop flat-footed since I didn't want to put a crease in my brand-new white Keds. Being a perfectionist is hard work, I tell you!)

I have since gotten over myself, especially when I read a post by The Nester about how ridiculous it looks to have un-used candles just sitting in your home. Now I make sure all my candles look used and "lived-in" - I love that cozy, drippy look. Go run around your house and light all the candles right now. You might get a temporary headache ala Yankee Candle, but your house will ooze comfort.
You're welcome.

The "mantel" above our free-by-the-side-of-the-road "entertainment center" (I use the word loosely!) I'm not too crazy about this arrangement for some reason - it might get changed. The little brown frame has two little leaves that I pressed and stuck between the glass and sheet of cream paper.

Top of the stove - thanks to Brigette for introducing me to Woodwick candles a few years ago! Mine's from Cracker Barrel.

I showed you this picture already - this wash-stand table is in our dining room - I'm not crazy about the style (too country for me) but it was a wedding gift from Chris's grandmother so you know how that goes.... :)

A little touch of fall above the key holder...

My childhood next-door neighbors gave me this fall quilt after I got married. I like how it helps to cover the hideously ugly chair we were very thankful to get for free from friends. (It actually is super comfy!)

Thanks for stopping by my house today!
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I can't decide if I like the addition of these words or not. Is it too much, especially on the bookshelf? Tell me which way looks better!


  1. Hi Jessica, Thanks for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment. I love autumn and have a tendency to go over the top decorating... *grin*
    What a blessing that you can stay home and raise your son. I, too, had that luxury. Your home is well on its way to having that crazy blog word- "fallness." So what if a few baby things are tucked in there? This is real life, toots! I'm e-mailing you a response to your question about your words, ok?
    :-) Sue

  2. Thanks for sharing! I love all the little fall touches you have added around the house.
    And the baby is just PRECIOUS!!

  3. I loved the "tour" I can't wait to see it in person...looks awesome! You have inspired me...aka, gave me a kick in the butt..thanks :)

  4. Hello Jessica - love all your fabulous Fall decor! I really like the words too and don't think it's too much. Looks great! Thank you for sharing.


  5. I can't wait to get my fall decorations out! I've been asking Ethan all week to retrieve them from the attic. Maybe this weekend. :)


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