Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dear Luke,

christmas will be here before you know it, and i thought we should have a little chat about presents - this being your first christmas and all.

oh, and by presents, i mean what you can get US. seeing as we've spent like $12,497.21 on your care and feeding already thus far in life, you're getting more pampers and formula!

merry christmas, son.

anyway, back to OUR presents.

i was talking to dad, and he's a little hesitant to ask you, but i know what he really wants.

why, just the other day he told me his most favorite thing about his handsome new son (yes, that would be you.)

his most favorite thing in the whole wide world is when he loses "rock, paper, scissors" and gets to change your poopy diaper.

mostly, his favorite part is the smell. he didn't even have to tell me that part - it was written all over his face.

and since this is dad's most favorite thing in the whole wide world, and it will be Christmas, after all, he is hoping that you will fill up both sides of the diaper, and make sure all that goodness gets all mashed up in there.

if you really want to rock dad's world, you can spit up during the diaper change just like you do for me. it really enhances the experience.

thanks for being so thoughtful, son. i know you will come through for daddy!

lots and lots of hugs and kisses,

p.s. what can you get ME, you ask? why, what a sweet boy! continuing to sleep through the night is quite acceptable. i mean, don't you think i look so much prettier this way?

p.p.s. go here for something very lovely that has nothing to do with poop. promise. :)


  1. hahahahahaha

  2. The pictures just enhance the story oh so much. You're a ham. When I started reading I thought it was a clever way to tell the world what you want for Christmas without being direct. haha! You are one funny chickie. ~Mary


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