Thursday, February 11, 2016

Easy (and DIY) Valentine's Decor - and a Peppa Pig Party!

Hi everyone!  I'm back with some pictures to share with you - Olivia turned 3 (how did that happen already?!) in January and we celebrated with friends and family this past Saturday.  (For the record, we did have gifts and cake on her actual birthday and then we took a family day to go to a children's museum - we just waited to celebrate with friends and family since we were doing a construction project in the house - more on that another time! - and we wanted the house to be cleaned back up first.) We got hit with a huge snowstorm on Friday, but thankfully everyone was still able to make it here on Saturday to celebrate with us! You have to love New England - we all just shovel out and keep on truckin'! ;)

I've had our Valentine's decor up for a while so it just worked out well that Peppa Pig colors are pink and red - it all worked, I think, as decorations! My favorite CHEAP way to decorate for Valentine's day (and for lots of holidays, really!) is to use PAPER!  Yup, cheap scrapbook paper is so affordable but can be used to really perk up a space when you don't have money for much else.  And if you fold it carefully, you can just put it in a folder and store it away safely each year! 

I have a heart punch I got a few years ago 50% off at Michael's...grab some scrapbook paper you like, and some baker's twine (even thread would work if you can't afford the twine!) and tape the hearts to the twine.  Voila! Instant garland that costs next to nothing. ;) 


It's still hard to find a lot of Peppa Pig stuff since it's a British show and hasn't "exploded" over here quite yet.  Party City did have a small section of it - hooray! - but it was mostly blue and yellow to keep it gender-neutral and I didn't want to decorate much with that.  I did grab a few supplies...Livi and I went out together to buy the stuff for her party and she was in love with all of it, naturally. ;)  To keep it cheap I went mostly with pink and red - (Peppa is a pink pig and she wears a red dress) so I was able to just pick up plain pink and red balloons, streamers, tablecloths, and plates.  They are mostly from Walmart - their party stuff is super cheap!

I can't believe I didn't take any pictures of the food!! I always forget to take pics of something at a party and this was it this time.  LOL  I kept it SUPER simple and it was soooo nice not to stress about food prep!  We ordered huge sheet pizzas from a local grocery store, and I just set out a variety of chips, dip, veggies, hummus, salsa, and guac.  Besides cutting up the veggies and making up some homemade ranch dip - oh, and making coffee! haha - everything else was pre-made.  It was so, so nice!  I highly recommend it!  ;) 

I did make the cake though! (Well...I should clarify that Pillsbury and I made the cake - I just happened to decorate the top! LOL) I copied a picture straight from Pinterest, so thank you to the genius person that uploaded this originally!! I showed my mom the original picture, and it was cut out like the shape of Peppa's head.  She told me to keep it simple and just frost the top instead of worrying about cutting it out and trying to frost the sides.  It was a great idea and I'm glad I did it this way instead!

We ate right when everyone came and then we did a little craft.  Our house is small and since the kids couldn't go outside in the snow I wanted them to have an activity to do.  I wracked my brain for an affordable idea that would work well for both boys and girls.  Finally I decided on homemade magnets!  I found a bunch of thin wooden shapes at Michael's for like 29 cents each and then got two packs of heavy-duty magnets.  I super-glued the magnets and set out acrylic paints (I had most of them but I picked up a few more colors at Walmart) in old muffin tins I had that we use for painting.  Each kid got to pick two (this was just some of the choices below) and it was fun to see their creativity!  

I know my kids love to display their artwork so I thought it would be a cute way for them to show their own artwork on their fridge at home.  They seemed to all have fun! And it was a relatively cheap craft, too! Yay! :)  

After the magnets we had cake and presents and then everyone stayed and played for a while.  It was such a wonderful party!  We had so much fun and we just felt so grateful for all the people that love our girl. :)  

The birthday girl had a GREAT time!  I found her shirt on clearance at The Children's Place for just a few dollars, she got new white leggings from Walmart, the Peppa headband from Party City, and the pink tutu she wore for her first birthday photo shoot and it still fits!  Haha! She is petite in the waist that's for sure! LOL

For favors I was again trying to think of something that would be useful to the kids and potentially their parents. ;)  I was able to find these paints on clearance at Walmart for only 97 cents each!! I got a 12-pack of mini Hershey's bars and then just wrapped scrapbook paper around the paint and then again around the candy.  

I wrote each kiddo's name on the card and for the girls I tied on 3 jelly bracelets with baker's twine.  The jelly bracelets were Target Valentine's clearance a year ago!  They came in a big bag and I was saving them for her next party! ;)  There were 3 boys at the party so they got to take a sticky "bug" toy home too.  

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day weekend!  I don't think we are going on a date on Sunday, but hopefully sometime later this month! We will, however, be shopping for a new microwave since ours died after a recent power outage.  #joysofadulthood

I found these cute felt envelopes at Target and I will be putting a few treats in them for my kiddos to open on Sunday! (And yes, I had to take this picture on my bed because I have to keep them hidden in my room.  lol)  

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you! :) 


  1. Uh can we talk about how fabulous your LR wall looks! C did an amazing job!

    1. Thank you! He really, really did! I'm so amazed at how it turned out!

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