Friday, November 6, 2015

Currently. {November}


My mom's friend Patti stopped by last week and saw my Geo Mesh wreath and asked if I would make her one, too.  I was very flattered that she loved my big ol' wreath! :)  I started to get super nervous though when it wasn't coming out right because I just could not get that bow to sit straight and I was so afraid she would be disappointed!  Thankfully I finally got it worked out and she loved it! I know the big puffy Geo Mesh look isn't for everyone but I'm still totally in love. ;) It's like the Texas Hair version of wreaths, am I right?!! LOL!! And novice wreath maker here - I forgot to take a pic of my finished product so thankfully she took this pic for me when she brought it to her house. :)  



Oh sweet mercy.  We live far from Trader Joe's but I was up there on Tuesday and they were sampling this salsa at the sample table.  It's like chutney and salsa got married and had a perfect little spicy fall baby.  (hahahahaha)

They paired it with crackers but I picked up these Sweet Potato chips and OH MY WORD the combination is perfect!  Go get some! I am soooo sad my jar is almost gone - why did I not buy 5?! WHY?!



Speaking of food, we are LOVING this fabulous Spicy Thai Noodles recipe from A Small Snippet.  I've eaten it hot and cold and loved it both ways.  Sooooo yummy!  A few things to note: her recipe card at the end of the post doesn't include carrots - so scroll above to see that part!  Also, I think using a whole box of pasta was a bit much - next time I'll just use about 3/4 box to concentrate the flavors better.  And I followed everyone's advice to just use the sesame oil and not the veg oil too - and I used 1 T red pepper flakes and felt that was fine.  Chris took the rest for leftovers this morning but I informed him that I needed to take a pic - so hence the dark 7:15 am photo of the noodles.  Make these - you won't be sorry! I am more than a little sad they are officially gone now.  ;)



I love this view out my front window when I sip my coffee in "my" chair.  Today it's overcast but fall is still so beautiful!  And don't even get me started on the fabulous damp leaves smell lately!  I probably sound crazy if you live in a southern climate, but there is just nothing like that smell to me! 



Yesterday my friend Amber and I decided to venture out to an Aldi's grand opening near us.  It was a little bit of a drive but we were told that there would be golden tickets passed out for the first 100 people in line.  The store opened at 9 and I got in the car at 8:08 only to realize I was out of gas! Ahhh!! So I made the epic decision to only get half a tank - and I'm so glad I did!  I pulled up and the line was crazy so Luke jogged beside me while I hauled Livi on my hip, my huge purse and my reusable bags to grab a carriage (because so help me I was not going to shop without a carriage) and then booked it to the back of the line!  Please imagine me doing all of that while simultaneously trying to look cool, calm and collected!  LOL!!

Amber came a few minutes behind me and I think she was number 97....and the reason this is under "Laughing" is because I texted Chris afterward and told him "Opening Day at Aldi's isn't for sissies!"  There were tons of people in there and I waited in line to get in but I ended up getting $15 off and when you're on one income that is great - but WOW what an old lady thing to do.  Standing in line for a discount grocery store opening?? Hahaha ;) 



We were invited by some friends to go to the zoo this week on Election Day since local schools were out.  It was a gorgeous New England day and we had a wonderful time with them.  Since my friend is a member, she was able to get us in for free and I was so grateful for the unexpected free "field trip" for my kids! 



We had a fabulous Halloween with lots of chances to wear our costumes this year (Liv was Elsa and Luke was a pirate and they had a blast!) but I'm thinking I need this candy out of my house!  The Reese's cups are too much to handle! Actually as I typed this I just got up to freeze them.  I'll save them for a desperation day.  LOL



Lastly, I'm loving this picture of my girl I took yesterday at the library! I just want to squeeze her sweet little cheeks! I've said it before, but after my postpartum experience with Luke I was DONE having kids.  We had always wanted to adopt anyway, so we just went ahead with it.  We got licensed to foster-adopt in the state of CT on May 4th 2012, and I found out I was pregnant on May 30th - just a few weeks later.  I was scared TO DEATH to be pregnant again but God knew we needed her!  She is such an absolute joy to us and we just adore our little surprise.  So grateful God plans our lives and not us! 

Looking forward to this weekend - Happy Friday, everyone! :) 


  1. I love your Aldi story! You're a braver woman than I...

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