Friday, September 26, 2014


Did you guys miss me or WHAT?!  Umm…no joke, I literally had to stop and think for a second when I turned on my computer this afternoon, because for the life of me I couldn’t remember the name of the program I have used to write out my posts for the last several YEARS.  

Oh yeah…Live Writer….. 

Haha! It has been waaaay too long!! (Ironically, I'm currently locked out of Live Writer and am using good ol' Blogger to write this!)

So….what have I been up to during my summer hiatus?!  

We had a great summer checking almost everything off our family bucket list (leaving 2 things empty by accident, which may or may not have seriously stressed out my eldest child who likes everything to be perfect and finished –lol!).


We went to the zoo, had beach afternoons, went to Pennsylvania to see Chris’s family, celebrated Luke turning FIVE (!!!) two times – once in CT and once in PA, and hosted friends and family here at our house for weekend visits.  

And you KNOW I decorated my house for the season, naturally… ;)

Because I just can’t help myself.  I MUST decorate seasonally. Ha!!

My “summer” Pryex – don’t worry,  there’s way more where this came from! Haha!!

May was a big month for me personally, since I both started as a consultant for Thirty-One (best “job” EVER!!) and also started the Trim Healthy Mama diet/eating plan.  Thanks to THM I’ve lost between 10-11 pounds depending on the day, and countless inches (I need to take new measurements sometime soon!)

Now we’ve entered a new phase of life with Luke as a Kindergartener.  It’s weird and different and wonderful all at the same time.  I miss him very much during the day, but we’re in week 5 of school now and thankfully that’s getting easier – or at least, I’m getting used to it.   

Chris and I jokingly titled this photo, “How everyone in our family *really* feels about Luke starting school!” :) 

I spend my days with this little cutie going to library story-time, shopping and errands, women’s Bible study, and housecleaning. 

In the afternoons and evenings I’m busy working on Thirty-One, taking care of my home and family, helping Luke with homework, and….


Yes people, I run now!  It was one of my self-discipline goals earlier in the year and last time I went out I ran a mile and a half – my longest time ever!! I currently run a mile in about 11:30 so I have a loooong way to go but it has been good for me.  Considering that in the beginning of August I could barely run the length of three houses without wanting to die, this is huge progress for me! I still hate prettttty much every second of it (I have zero athletic ability and hate all sports), but it’s rewarding to both see my core tightening up – thank you, 2 c-sections – and to have that feeling of self-discipline every time I get out there and run a little farther.

Fall is here in CT and we are loving it!  Last week my in-laws came down for the weekend and we went apple-picking and celebrated Chris’s birthday (décor by Luke – lol!).  I could not for the life of me get them to both look at me  – but these two cuties loved their wagon ride from Daddy around the rows of apple trees!

 Well, I think that brings you up to speed!  My plan is to be back on a regular blogging schedule now that the fall is upon us!  I have lots of post ideas swirling around in my head that have been waiting for months to be typed out! Stay tuned! ;)


  1. Well hi there, friend! I've barely been blogging myself these days. Celia started kindergarten too. We are in a good routine now and she really likes school. What an adjustment at first for me, though. Sounds like you've been doing well!

  2. I am soooo happy I'm not the only "blog slacker" I too have not been blogging much lately.... not quite sure why. Maybe a bit of my mojo is gone and busy busy lately. Glad to see you back!


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