Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Signs of Spring {Easter Decor 2014}

As I’m typing this on Sunday night we’ve just the most glorious spring day here in Connecticut!  I literally had shorts and a t-shirt on and Luke and I drew chalk pictures and played hopscotch outside while Chris worked on our car {Livi was sleeping inside}.  It was soooooo amazing and good for the soul to finally be out enjoying the weather and the sunshine! {Sadly I’m actually finishing this on Wednesday afternoon but it’s been gorgeous again so YAY!}

I’m still working on Part 3 for my Essential Oils series {see Part One and Part Two if you’re interested}, but for today I thought I’d change it up a little and show you my house for the Spring/Easter season.  If you’re new here, pretty much everything I own is thrifted or homemade. :) One thing you’ll see over and over in this post is faux “grass” from Target as filler – I use it everywhere! I always, always shop Target’s holiday clearance section and I picked some bags of this stuff up years ago for like 20 cents – or maybe even less.  I love it!


So here’s a peek inside!


My Target banner from two years ago that I’m still in love with!





Bucket, Target…birdie, church rummage sale…faux plant, yard sale




Bowl and bunny, Goodwill…Easter ornaments, church rummage sale {Luke loved helping me decorate these branches!}





Bunny, Goodwill…nest, yard sale




Wreath, homemade {pin made my very talented friend Kathy and ribbon from Hobby Lobby}





Wire chicken, Cracker Barrel…green bowl, Goodwill Outlet…Van Gogh print Salvation Army…eggs I honestly can’t remember now!…clearanced ribbon from Michaels for the “egg” garland




{Little egg designed by Luke last year in 3-year-old preschool.}




Bunny print, homemade…grass, Target…little caddy, Goodwill




Bucket and grass, Target



{This soap was free with a B&BW coupon and it smells SO GOOD! I haven’t had store-bought soap in forever and coconut is my FAVE! Yum!}



Homemade wreath {boxwood from Hobby Lobby around a JoAnn’s grapevine wreath}

I realized after uploading these photos that I missed two spots in the house...but hopefully you get the idea. Haha!

Thanks for popping in! ;)


  1. Maybe when I get a house you can come help me decorate and buy things for seasonal decor ;)

  2. Of course I will! It's my most favorite thing...I'd have a blast!! ;)

  3. That wreath is lovely! I'd gladly hang that on my door year-round, not just during Easter :)

    Sarah @ Log Furniture Place

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