Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What I’m Loving Wednesday {June Edition}

I’m loving THESE SHORTS.  Is it a little dramatic to say that these shorts are the best thing that have ever happened to me?  Maybe?  Yes?  Haha Well seriously you guys, I discovered these shorts at Old Navy a few days ago and I seriously just want to give the person who designed them a huge hug.  Even before I had two babies, my stomach was always a trouble spot – and now 4 months post-partum I am still waiting for it to shrink all the way back down.  We’re getting there!


Women's Drawstring Linen-Blend Shorts (3-1/2


These shorts are FABULOUS because they have a drawstring waist BUT they feel fun.  I am 5’2” (almost 5’3”) and they come just past my fingertips.  They are light and breezy and they totally pass my “feel comfortable wearing them around any person I know” test.  I am not kidding when I say that they are a full THREE sizes smaller than the other Old Navy shorts I was trying on (and I could probably stand to go to a fourth size down, but I’ll wait to lose a bit more weight first).  They are the best thing ever for anyone whose waist is bigger than their lower half.  GREAT  job Old Navy – thank you!! { I just wrote two paragraphs about shorts.  Oh my gosh!  lol}


I’m loving that the previous owners of our house left a strawberry patch for us to inherit!  Last year it produced enough for me to put up several batches of strawberry freezer jam and I’m hoping the same for this year!  Strawberry season is just barely starting up here in Connecticut and this is what I was able to pick on Sunday night.  Soon I will hardly be able to keep up with it, but that’s okay – I can’t wait for homemade strawberry jam!  Mmmmm I could eat it straight from the jar with a spoon.  And by that I mean I can and I DO.  ;)

wilw june 002



I’m loving that today marks 5 weeks since Livi’s surgery and she is doing great!  Her next follow-up visit to monitor the fluid around her heart (common after surgery) is on June 23rd but all signs are pointing to a healthy recovery!  That also means only ONE week left of our 6-week children/sicknesses/large crowds quarantine!! Yaaaay!  She is happy and thriving and putting on weight like crazy now that her hole has been patched (the pedi told me that now that she doesn’t have a hole in her heart, her body has more calories to put toward growing rather than making her heart work harder.  And BOY is that ever true!  Sister is growing like a weed!) She’s chunkin’ up and we LOVE it over here. :)




I’m loving my great deals I was able to find at a local consignment shop on Saturday!  I found Liv everything in the picture below for just under $23 – and that includes tax.  That’s 12 outfits, 4 onesies, and 2 church dresses for $23!!!  They were having a killer 75% off sale so I nabbed most of these outfits for crazy low prices – some were $1, some were $1.18, some were $1.38 – only one thing was over $2! Plus some items still had store tags on! She is almost four and half months old and just now fitting consistently into 3 months clothes.  I am having SO much fun dressing a girl!  I LOVE dresses and oh my gosh, rompers?!  Don’t even get me started. ;)

sale 003



I’m loving that I FINALLY figured out the secret to using Dr. Bronner’s hand soap at home without it being liquidy and runny! The key is a foaming hand soap pump!  I picked up mine at CVS but they really sell them anywhere now.  Fill it 1/3 with soap and 2/3 with water – perfect!  Comes out creamy and smooth and perfect!  I’m loving the almond scent – yummmm!  Reminds me of my Italian great-grandmother (I mean like literally, from-the-boat-Italian) whose house always smelled like almond cookies when I would visit.  {Definitely wish the dispenser was cuter, though – I think I might take off the sticker and wrap it in twine?}

wilw june 010


I’m loving this energy bites recipe!  I made up two meals on Sunday night for two dear friends that are new mommas (time to start paying it forward!  We have been SO blessed with kindnesses the last few months!) and I included a few of these in the meal delivery for my friends.  Motherhood involves a lot more on-the-go eating than I ever realized so sometimes it’s nice to have something healthy and filling to pop in your mouth!  Thanks to my sister for the tip! Deeeelish. :)

No-Bake Energy Bites

{Recipe and photo via Gimme Some Oven}


Lastly, I’m loving that tomorrow I’ll be on a plane headed to sunny Florida!  One of my best friends in the whole world, Erin, is getting married on Saturday and I am totally honored to be a bridesmaid for her.  Erin and I were college friends (same major), then college roommates.  She was in my wedding and actually the person that is responsible for introducing me to Chris way back in 2003.  I just LOVE this girl and that she is finally getting her happily-ever-after!  And of course I love her a little bit more for having lived in Florida the last 6 years and therefore getting married there and therefore meaning I get to travel to Florida to be a part of her wedding.  lol


summer and ikea 031

{Erin (on the left) has lost over 30 pounds since this picture AND I am no longer pregnant.  lol  But it’s the most recent picture I had of us – from last summer.}

I seriously cannot wait to see her and a bunch of our other college friends and celebrate!  Of course I wish Chris could come along (that was the original plan) but with Olivia’s situation being so delicate there was just no way.  So I am off by myself for 3 days and could not be more excited!  Of course, I will definitely be the whitest girl at this wedding – I am missing “beach day” on Thursday since my plan doesn’t land til 5:30!  Bummer!  But that’s okay. :) Looking forward to a fabulous 3 days in the land of sunshine. :)

wilw june 008

{Essie “Ole’ Caliente” - doesn’t this just scream “Florida” to you? :)}



Alright well that’s it for me!  Everybody enjoy the rest of your week! :)

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  1. Cute finds today. I was also raving about Old Navy the other day! About my new jean shorts and new white jeans. I love Old Navy's bottoms. Have fun in FL, I was there a few months and it was SO much fun. XO

  2. Haha I love this, you are so adorable! Plus, you've totally convinced me to go buy a pair of those shorts, comfortable & cute shorts that aren't TOO short are hard to find!! Have fun in Florida, you deserve it! <3

  3. WELL! This whole post just SCREAMS goodness!!!!!!!! Love it all! Have fun at the wedding!

  4. I just love your posts! :) It is awesome that you have a strawberry patch! I grew up weeding and picking my Granddady's strawberries. There's nothing like fresh off the plant strawberries!

    Dressing girls is the best thing ever! I love it!

    Hope you have a fabulously wonderful time at your friend's wedding!!

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