Wednesday, September 28, 2011

31 Days to a Cleaner Diet: The Appetizer

Hey guys!  I mentioned recently that for the month of October I’ll be doing a series of posts about how clean up your diet.  I am kinda terrified that I’ll forget to post every day super excited about this – because I’ve been writing page after page of ideas for myself and I just keep coming up with more!  I love this subject and there’s just so much to talk about! :) 


Before we “officially” start on Saturday, a few things:

- Remember that I’ll be posting only on weekdays (with the exception of October 1st, since it falls on a Saturday and I don’t want to be late to my own party)

- If you are pretty far along in the clean foods journey, this series might not teach you a whole bunch of new concepts.  I’m gearing it toward someone with a beginner/intermediate knowledge of healthy foods.  HOWEVER, I will have recipes and meal plans, so even if you are an expert, I encourage you to check out the series at least every once in a while (or every day – hey, I won’t stop ya. ;)

- I encourage you to read some of my previous posts about clean eating, specifically: How to Get Started with Clean Eating {Part One} and How to Get Started with Clean Eating {Part Two}

Some of those concepts will be revisited in more depth, but they’re a great starter course {aka appetizer, see how I worked that in?! lol} to what we’re gonna delve into. 

Looking forward to the series, and hope you all are, too! 

Be back Saturday! :)

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