Friday, July 1, 2011

our fourth of july weekend plans

don’t you just love fourth of july weekend?! i think it’s second only to thanksgiving as my favorite holiday.  everyone’s happy because it’s beautiful outside and everybody gets out of work on the crummiest day of the week.  you get to eat picnic food and love on your country and see fireworks and wear flip-flops. 

ahhhhh, american holidays. :)

our weekend plans are as follows:

friday night: date night with my man (luke is staying OVERNIGHT with my parents!!!!! overnight people! as in, i don’t have to use my son as an alarm clock!  as in, mommy and daddy can sleep AS LONG AS THEY WANT TO!  did ya catch that?!!! lol)

chris and i will be eating here:

and then doing a little of this:


and eating a little of this (coconut or almond joy for me, probably mint chocolate chip for him:

ice cream cone


saturday and sunday will be laid-back, at-home days (besides going to church), before glorious monday rolls around. 

at 7 am you will find me here with my mom and sister for a 50% off sale:

then at one of these:


then home for luke’s nap before a big picnic, where i will be bringing this food of the gods and trying desperately not to rub my face in the pan:


and HECK no, it’s not clean or healthy. but this is an american holiday, after all! ;)  

happy fourth, everyone – have a blast!


  1. sounds like a 4th weekend made in heaven. enjoy it!

  2. Yeah for a date night(I love Oatback) and the holiday! Sounds like you have a busy weekend planned, but fun busy, right?
    Enjoy! Have a great 4th of July :)

  3. It all sounds PERFECT! Now, what is this dish you are licking? I can't tell! SOME CHEESY goodness?? Yum!


  4. Oh my goodness - your day sounds SO amazing! Outback is the most amazing restaurant and I LOVE how delicious that mac & cheese looks :D


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