Saturday, October 23, 2010

Two Things and the Winner

First, you guys were killing me with your first date stories and your home date night ideas!  I think I laughed every time I came on the computer and checked the comments. 

Second, I also want to thank the people who commented on my Santa post below.  I appreciate you guys sharing your thoughts with me!  I’m still not exactly sure but I’m definitely leaning toward the direction of incorporating him in some small way. I still have to run that by Chris, though.  Feel free to add your comments if you haven’t yet!  I’m still all ears (or….eyes). 

Third, the winner of the giveaway is: 


JILL!  Congrats Jill! Please e-mail me your shipping address and last name so I can send it on to MyBlogSpark.  (My e-mail is on the left sidebar). 

We’re off to take Luke to the pumpkin patch today!  Have a great rest of your weekend!  :)

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  1. Hmmm...I haven't really given much thought to Santa but I guess we've been handling the topic for 5 years now, ha! We definitely don't make a huge deal out of Santa. The kids take their pictures each year but we don't hype Santa up or say anything about who the gifts are from. We do make a big deal out of the REASON for the SEASON :) I read somewhere recently about a tradition of having a birthday cake for Jesus - I love that! I think we may incorporate that into our traditions :) As far as upbringings, my family did the whole Santa thing but I don't remember my parents making a big deal out of him. I also had a sister who was 5 years older so I'm sure that contributed to me not believing in Santa at an early age. My hubby's family on the other hand went all out with Santa. My MIL still signs my hubby's gifts from Santa ;) So, we basically play along with the Santa thing to a certain extent (mostly just because I like looking at the changes in the kids year over year!) but don't make a huge fuss over it and make sure the kids now WHY we celebrate Christmas. Good luck making the best decision for your family :)


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